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I've never seen it... I'll look for it next time. (See if you can find it in Google Street View for us)
I wonder if it is left over from Howl-O-scream and left it by accident. I went on Street View and it looks like you cannot go back farther than the entrance turnstiles.
I don't think Google Street View will let you view the area of where it's located. I am curious about the grave stone now. When I go this summer I'll check it out.

BTW Google Street View is possibly the one of the coolest things I've seen. :D
Mike541x said:
Fur Dozy said:
Microsoft VE is cooler. Street view, aerial, and 3d sim, all in one.

I haven't tried that one yet, but I think I will.

Wait wait. Someone's *buried* in Busch Gardens?

*fans self in giddy frenzy* omg I so know where I'm buying a plot now.
We parked in England and we didn't actually look for this but didn't see anything. Any better description of the location?

EDIT: We DID actually look for this, sorry :)
Right now all I can remember is that as you are walking down the hill toward the bridge it is on your right on the other side of the fence. I will be going next week and will be sure to check again and try to get a better location. Also, if anyone can find out who and why they are buried there I am really curious about this.
i've never seen it but i know there is a grave yard in the france parking lot
Hello everyone. Long time know see!! Yeah I've been there I don't know how many times this season and have totally forgotten about this post. I'll have to remember to look when I go passmember appreciation weekend. I'll see if I can get a pic as well.
this sounds very interesting. im going this weekend i will check this out and might take a picture.
well its that random plot of land in the middle of the lot with the fencing around it and the mulch on the ground. its towards the tram road.
"Given the age of the area, it is no surprise that burials lost to memory have been found at virtually every development site around--at Kingsmill on the James, Port Anne, Holly Hills, and The Vineyards, for example. When Busch Gardens was being constructed, workers discovered the family cemetery of Grant and Mary Scott, who probably died in the 1860's. Where seven of their children were laid to rest is now a grove of trees near the main entrance to the park."

I found this here:
Wow, I checked out that plot closely when I was there midweek last week. At least, I checked what I thought was the plot being referred to -- the mulched area enclosed by the black metal railed fencing in the France parking lot, around sign marker reading "France 4"? I didn't see any grave markers, but sunk down in the mulch in one area was some metal piping. I did see one flat stone but didn't walk in to check to see if it was a grave marker because I'd already seen the piping and decided the graveyard rumor was unfounded or that I was in the wrong place. Surely there wouldn't be piping in a graveyard? I haven't looked for the reported single gravestone off the England parking lot yet.

I was really ready to dismiss these as unfounded rumors but the info about the Scott cemetery is interesting. Although "grove of trees near the main entrance to the park" actually doesn't narrow it down a whole lot because to me "main entrance" might conceivably be interpreted differently -- does that mean the ticketing area? The actual gate? The area between the ticket booths and the gate? etc. Or, of course, it could mean the parking lot(s) as has already been surmised.
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