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Jun 16, 2013
Over tge course of two visits I have now tried all 4 main dishes.

The Pork was my favorite cooked just perfect nice and juicy with a nice slow cooked taste to it. The beef was my second favorite very nicely seasoned with a nice taste to it but my serving seemed to be a bit more well done then I care for (The servings that I have seen at other times looked medium so this might just have been a bad batch). Then the Shrimp I loved the taste of it but the serving size is just to small and it seemed to be a little on the dry side. The chicken was my least favorite nice season taste but a small serving and extremely dry.

The sides that I had were Grilled Vegetables, Mac and Cheese, Cucumber and Tomato salad, and the Basil pesto Penne. The Tomato and Cucumber salad was my favorite it was a great blend of the two with olive oil and cilantro mixed in to add a great flavor. Next was the Basil Pesto Penne nice fresh taste and served cool to make it a great selection for a hot summer day. The Mac and Cheese was next it's hard to mess up Mac and cheese but also hard to make it stand out but the sauce which seemed to be a mixture of a few different types of cheeses was very good. The mixed vegetables were OK but tasted a little over done and soggy with no real stand out flavor to them.

Even the flat bread and hummus which I am not normally a fan of tasted great. I can't wait to see what other items they bring out as the seasons change and can't wait to try the other sides. This honestly is probably going to be my knew go to eating place in the park.

Also a staff member said that they are planning to have the upper deck eating area finished this fall which should be a wonderful addition to WinterFest.


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