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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
The original article announcing the forthcoming birth has been removed. It has been rewritten and re-posted:

The park released a statement around noon on Monday, January 6th stating that Pele, the 11 year old western lowland gorilla, gave birth the previous evening to a stillborn baby. There were no signs of complications, and Pele is being monitored by park staff.
RE: Gorilla Birth Expected Soon

Such sad news. This is true sad news, not what typically passes for "sad" news like the repainting of a park hamlet :(

Did you remove the article? It looks like it.
RE: Gorilla Birth Expected Soon

This truly is sad, I pray that Pele will be able to rebound from this. Having experienced a situation very similar to this with family, it truly is depressing, and even though Pele is an animal, I'm sure that she will be depressed and sad for a while as it takes a very hard emotional toll. Again, so very sad.:(
RE: Gorilla Birth Expected Soon

The article was removed this afternoon when the news reached me at work. Didn't feel it was right to keep it up given the turn of events. A rewrite is now live:

I know having watched Pele for the last few months, I'm very saddened by the news. We saw her out on habitat just hours before she went into labor, and while she looked like she couldn't find a comfortable position be in (who would at full term), she seemed fine. She was eating some, moving around. Not making any irregular gestures or vocalizations. I really do feel like there was no warning to what happened.

While I of course feel sad for Pele and her loss, I really feel for the animal care staff who have been working so hard over the last 8 months. They must be absolutely devastated with what occurred. I hope they will be able to pick up the pieces and move forward - their hard work and dedication deserves to be applauded, and in the face of adversity like this, a little extra support from guests in the way of thanks, I think, would be appreciated.
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