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Feb 6, 2013
Portsmouth, Va
Has anyone taken the "virtual tour" of the park on Google maps? I found it rather interesting. It was from 2009. BBW was still there, as was Corkscrew Hill and Kinetix. I didn't go back then, so I thought it was cool to see how things had changed.
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I used to be on that google maps but my section was taken out for some reason.
Thought this was cool I found this on street view

Edit: There is a lot more around the park and you can see workers in action


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Hoopla said:
Does anybody know when they will take new above pictures like KD?

This is a good question, it'd be nice to get some new satellite imagery.

Also, little known fact, the park has stopped allowing vehicles of all types stop driving in England and over the Pompeii bridge due to the fact, the constant driving caused the paint on the concrete and the bridge to wear out extremely easily. Which I suppose that would be the reasoning for always smelling fresh paint walking into England, constant repainting.
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