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Oct 18, 2011
I have always thought a B&M floorless (Kraken) with the same name could replace LNM. LNM part 2 if you will. Keep the same station and outward u turn at the start, then head up the Lift Hill sooner. This would allow for a higher first drop. Have the same first drop over the water and going into a dive loop about 100 ft tall, into the loop to the right towards Alpengeist then out of the loop away from Alpengeist along the water edge.
Follow this with a large zero g roll into and immelman loop bringing the coaster back towards the area it is now. Out of the Immelman, curve uphill over the Land of the Dragons and straighten out towards the water, do the same drop into a vertical loop in the same location it is now. This will allow for the trademark interlock.
Come out of the loop to the block brake section back up the hill on the station side. A curved drop to the right into a corkscrew, then out of it back up a hill. At the top of the hill start a double helix down through a similar cave that we have now. The helix would be larger as to keep up speed without overdoing it on g's.
Out of the tunnel the car would go back uphill, around a banked right curve and back down to the water where it would complete a vertical loop (the lower interlocking loop) then back up to the station. many of the same footings could be used for this and I think it would just be an improvement on one of my favorite rides ever.
^ I deleted the post in that thread.

I don't think you could market a coaster with the same name or theme as the one it's replacing and I don't see B&M doing interlocking loops. Honestly I think LNM will be one of the last Arrows standing when it finally does meet it's demise and I'd say that's a long way off.
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The thought of losing Nessie would be too much for me to handle. I'll probably have nightmares for life. But in all seriousness, this talk of Nessie being removed has been going around for years. Nessie is a coaster landmark and the history of the ride is "legendary". The powers that be would have to have a VERY VERY VERY good reason to remove the ride. It would have to be something very serious and all avenues of saving it would be have to be exhausted.

AND~ even if it happened down the road when I'm old & gray hobbling on a cane - not to replace it with the same theme and double loops somewhere would be ridiculous.
I'm sure Nessie will be rebuilt by Vekoma if it came down to it being the steel weakening. Footers tore up and re-poured and everything. I don't want to imagine this ride going down. At least not in my life-time.
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