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Apr 29, 2011

Six Flags Great America in Gurnee plans to seek village permission to construct what may be the fastest-ever wooden roller coaster, officials said.

If built, the ride would be in the theme park's County Fair area where the Iron Wolf roller coaster once stood. Iron Wolf operated from 1990 to 2011.

Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik said the proposed roller coaster would be a big deal to the village because new rides typically boost attendance. Gurnee levies a 3 percent amusement tax on Great America tickets, which are projected to generate $2 million in revenue for the current budget and accounts for most of the category's income.

"We are excited," Kovarik said Saturday. "I was thrilled to learn they are bringing in a roller coaster."

Gurnee's advisory planning and zoning board Wednesday night is scheduled to entertain a request from Great America for special permission to build the coaster with a maximum height of 165 feet. The advisory panel then would issue a recommendation to the Gurnee village board, which has the final word on issues.

Kovarik said some information Great America has provided to the village regarding the new coaster is considered "confidential" because park representatives intend to make a formal public announcement later this month. She said not all aspects of the ride are expected to be divulged at Wednesday's planning and zoning board meeting.

However, Kovarik said the proposal submitted to the village is for "the fastest wooden roller coaster."

"It doesn't say U.S. or the world," she added.

Great America spokeswoman Katy Enrique would only say full details about the new attraction won't be released until Aug. 29.

No new rides were unveiled at the park this year. Great America's primary splash for the season has been running Batman: The Ride backward, which is said to make it seem like a different coaster.

Great America's newest roller coaster, X Flight, opened in 2012. It was the fourth winged coaster in the world and the second in the United States.

American Eagle is the park's wooden coaster that has been running for 32 years and is visible from the Tri-State Tollway and other approaches to Gurnee. The 4,650-foot-long ride, which features a 15-story drop on the first hill, has separate tracks built side by side and tops out at 66 mph.

X Flight, the American Eagle and a scenic railway for young children are among the attractions in the County Fair area where the new coaster would be constructed.

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RE: Possible new RMC for SFGAm for 2014?

It's official

Goliath -

It’s official. Coming in 2014, Six Flags Great America will introduce a brand new triple-record-breaking wooden coaster that will be the new staple of the park’s skyline. This giant new beast will feature impressive heights, astonishing speeds, and stomach-tightening inversions: Goliath will be the world’s fastest wooden coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, plunging riders down 180 feet and rocketing through twists and turns at 72 miles per hour.

Holding three world records, Goliath is the most extreme coaster of its kind and provides adrenaline rush like no other. Riders will elevate up to touch the sky atop the 165-foot lift hill. Then, you’ll whip over the peak and conquer the world’s tallest and steepest heart-racing drop, at an unbelievable 180 feet and a near-vertical 85 degrees. You’ll reach the bottom of this gut-wrenching slope before you even have time to scream.

Reaching top speeds of 72 miles per hour—the fastest of any wooden roller coaster—you’ll then thunder around surprising curves and outrageous twists. You’ll face three intense over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, and two wild inversions, flipping head-over-heels through a winding inverted drop and a spiraling inverted zero G stall.

The extreme, record-breaking, first-of-its-kind roller coaster is set to debut in spring 2014 in the County Fair section of the park. Are you ready to conquer Goliath?
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RE: Goliath announced! - new RMC for SFGAm for 2014?


I'm riding one of these. Soon.
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RE: Goliath announced! - new RMC for SFGAm for 2014?

This hasn't gotten a lot of attention on this board, but this ride looks insane! Just another notch on the belt for one of the best Six Flags parks in the chain. If only some decent rides were brought the way of Not So Great America down here...
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