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Theme parks are cool
Jul 5, 2017
Richmond, VA
Alright, I’ll make the hot take comment right away. This is my 2nd favorite B&M. Yes the valleys got somewhat shaky particularly the very first one and I wish I could have ridden this back in 2005 when it first opened. This ride HIT for me so good. Every airtime hill was sustained floater air for ever seconds arguably “flojector” especially the last sequence of bunny hills.

The turnaround is honestly one of my favorite moments in roller coasters. It has a similar effect to Storm Runners flying snake dive sequence because you ride up to the element via a large hill, get airtime and get pulled through the element while experiencing negative G forces and it just pulls you to the left and Goliath doesn’t let go from that point until the brake run. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without that set of trims at the bottom of the helix.

I went in with standard B&M Hyper expectations for Goliath or for it to be above average at least and it just blew me away. I like it more than Orion, Mako, Montu, Candymonium etc, only B&M I like more is Fury 325. It’s one of the only B&Ms ranking among my RMCs and top tier intamins. I cannot wait to ride this thing again.

I can wait to deal with the ops again though. It was one train Sunday and the operators all seemed like the most depressed ride operators I’ve ever seen. There was a bizarre sequence where they made all of the riders get off the train for like 10 minutes on the exit side and announced basically nothing into the microphone once. We all just stood around in confusion and would ask one of the ops and he would just point at the exit and say nothing after we waited in line for 45 minutes. After standing around confused on the exit platform they started cleaning a lap bar so I figured it was just somebody threw up but it was after we all sat in the train, they made us get out supposedly because there was some spit on the harness and then after cleaning it up they let us back on the train (with hand gestures no announcement of any kind mind you). I mean I get six flags likely treats their ops like crap (quite a lot of the coasters had outdoor panels instead of a typical indoor op booth) but that was one of the most bizarre and confusing sequences I’ve ever had at a theme park. Later at Twisted Cyclone the ops decided to change a full trash can on the loading platform, the trash leaked trash liquid on the platform as the loaded secure train I was on sat there observing. I’ve been doing this for years now and have been to 29 different theme parks I’ve never had “changing a trash can” be a cause for delay in a loaded dispatch. SFOG is interesting I really loved the park overall. It was also fascinating essentially every security employee was wearing riot gear another thing I’ve never seen at a theme park.

But yeah Goliath I love it and I wish it wasn’t 8 hours away.
"Not a hot take–just a man of refined taste," he says as he agrees with the take to a tee.

I, too, have Six Flags over Georgia's Goliath as my #2 B&M behind Fury. It feels so radically different from all of the other B&M hypers I've ridden and in a very, very good way. I've always preferred the older hypers (Nitro, Apollo, etc) to most of the newer batch (Diamondback, Candy, etc) but GA's Goliath is the real sweet spot for me.
I was surprised to learn Goliath is among the shorter B&M Hypers. Maybe it felt longer because I was clutching my bag full of everything when I rode it in 2017. But I liked its setting quite a bit.
I always describe Goliath as having the feel of an old school B&M (the shakiness), but the airtime of a modern B&M hyper (a La Mako). It’s great. And the day I was there they were absolutely CRUSHING their operations. Mind you, this ride has now midcourse and only 2 trains, and they were ROLLING trains. I swear, I had one ride with they dispatched while the other train was in the valley of the first drop.
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