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Dec 23, 2011
For all things GLOW this is the place to be. I will start this thread of with 'Will there be any Glow stands this year?' From what sources told me last year, Glow stands will return for Illuminights, Howl-o-Scream, and Christmas Town however the Glow stands previously used where repainted and are being use for food demonstrations for the Food & Wine Festival, plus the Glow stand locations previously and now occupied. I'm thinking no stand for Illuminights but for HOS and CT?

Also for those interested in where the park gets their stuff:

Rhode Island Novelty
Virginia Toy and Novelty Company

I only listed a few, there were older things I didn't add and items like Mouthgaurds and Mohawks and constantly changing suppliers.
Wow! I have never bought a single glow item at the park, but I have to say, you sure did a lot of research. Maybe I'll take more interest in it next time I see a glow stand.
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The park has had glow carts for as long as I can remember. I doubt they'll ever get rid of them.

The stands were only introduced last year. The San Marco one was tacky, but the others weren't as bad. I honestly think they should just stick with the carts and scrap the stands.
Stands brought in the serious $$$ especially since they could accept cards instead of just cash. Honestly, the Illuminights versions were both tacky. The one in France was just small and slightly better setup but poor location.

The Howl-o-Scream versions were spot on. And I am only questioning the stands because the stands are being used for other things at the moment. Carts have gone out and stayed out for years on end it seems like.
Will someone please be so detailed as to provide prices for, at the very least, the basic glowing s#it that I'll eventually have to buy for all my children? :)

A thousand thank you's in advance. Karma will be returned to you, I promise. :)

Hmmm...Technically, I could just hit up the dollar store & smuggle in all that glow necklaces.....
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Indy, most of all the glow stuff is in the $5 to $15 price range. Most of the smaller things like basic lanyards, pacifiers, mouth gaurds, bunny ears, and the such are $5. Mohawks, Fedoras, branded lanyards tend to be $10, and the outrageously priced $15 lanyards are just too much and I suggest against buying those.

I have a few things in my personal collection that I think were worth the price such as the fedoras. Two years running and they still work like brand new, haven't had to replace the batteries yet.
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GLOW fedora:


You should see the whip!! :cool:
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