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Gavin rm -r *▌
Sep 27, 2009
Skyland Estates, Virginia
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I liked it. The moving stage was pretty cool. Basically the nativity story through music. The crowd loved it. Some of the songs had some soul added to them, which was well received. The we three kings song was weird with women singing it but it appeared they were matched up with men dressed in a similar garb. They did a lot of technical stuff with a couple drop down translucent curtains and moving stage floors and some moving props.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

The moving stage was nice, the talent was great, but the translucent curtains and the slideshow sorta ruined the show for me. It ended up feeling like a theme park show- something that Busch Gardens has avoided fairly well over the years.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

The moving stage was the highlight of the show for me, I hope they use that on their future shows. The screen effects started off cool, but swift said it best when it turned into a powerpoint presentation at the end.

As for the show itself, having live music was great, but the songs just sounded like smooth jazz versions of the songs I've already grown tired of this year. Talent was good, but I can't help but wonder why have female versions of the three kings dressed up like Lady Gaga sing the song, but only to give the gifts to male versions. If they were trying to do something "fresh" with the females, it was totally ruined by essentially saying, "We don't want to really make the girls "Kings", we'll have them do the entertaining part and they can go away when it's time to see Jesus." I did think it was cool that at the end they actually brought out the technical staff from behind the scenes to take a bow.

I don't think I'll be going to this show again simply because I'm not a religious person. I'm sure that if you are, you could be moved to tears, but I'd rather spend that time eating a pretzel and gawking at penguins.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I "LOVED" this show. When we found out back in August sometime that Rejoice was leaving we were very sad as that was our favorite show for Christmas (we loved the song choices). We only heard hints and tid bits of what was coming. We couldn't even get into the Abby Stone last night until the 8:30 show it was so crowded. We sat near the front middle. Neither of us knew what to expect, and I think it was wonderful from start to finish, it was so *Different* and that is what I was looking for. BG entertainment and Scott G. really know how to put on a show. BG's shows are so much better than most amusement parks in the country, I think they are getting close to being on par with Dollywood.
The opening number for Gloria had me and the moving stage was a fun idea. I am very glad they got Mark to come back for Christmas again, the guy has one of the best voices I have ever heard in an amusement park.
Overall, great show and I can't wait to see it again next Sat.
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RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

Busch Gardens took it back to 1996 with Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity. #gloriajokes

We decided to get a Gloria Jokes hashtag trend started.
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RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I'm really interested in seeing it now considering the differing opinions. I wasn't going to attempt it last night, but we've got QQ's for next Saturday so I'll definitely see it then.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I have to agree with Swift's Power Point comparison. All the moving platforms and screens were cool and interesting, but I think they distracted terribly from the performance. As for the performance itself; the performers were great but the show just doesn't flow with all the moving components and screens. I liked Rejoice for its simplicity. The show was the singers, not a bunch of stage gimmicks.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I thought the screens were good for a story telling perspective.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

^ Not sure if the emotion is to imply sarcasm or if you're serious.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

After seeing it, I now see the error of of my ways. Europe in the Air is a good ride and the Nurses are a scoure on society.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

I liked the show alot, and didn't mind the "Power Point Presentation". I guess it is just the way you inteperate (sp?) it.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

It's more like making fun of how a lot of people (from what I've seen at least) are gushing over it.
RE: Gloria! (Christmas Town 2011)

pandorazboxx said:
You guys are a little harsh on it, I think.

I don't think it would be possible to be too harsh :p

But seriously, we just didn't get it.

There was really no point to the "moving stage." It just moved to moved (Except for the ONE spot where Mary and Joseph were walking to Bethlehem and the stage moved with them. That was cool.)

There was nothing interesting or special about the musical selections and arrangements. They were just all over the place, just like the rest of the show. It was like they couldn't decide what they wanted it to be so they just threw everything against the wall.

The "slideshows" were uninteresting. They looked like stock slides from a travel agency and a JC Penny catalog. (BTW, I'm pretty sure of the several dozen families and children that were shown during the JC Penny segement, every single one was white.)

And the costumes...I mean, wow. They looked like something from Star Trek. They were flat out horrible.

The whole thing was embarrassingly corny. We felt awful for the performers. We kept checking our watches during the show like watching a bad comedian bomb and you're hoping his set will come to a merciful end. It seemed like a spoof.

Needless to say, we were highly disappointed. At least we had QQ's. I would have gone nuclear if we had wasted an hour waiting in line for that.
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