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Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
Email that went out today:



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Fur Dozy

Mayor of Busch Gardens Tampillsburg
Nov 5, 2009
Very generous, and...seems BGW is just going full sleaze with the nurses. *sigh* whatever draws the crowds...
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Sep 29, 2009
I know someone who might do this, but I wonder if a Howl-O-Scream Ultimate Insider Tour would be too much after having blood drawn. Heck, I sometimes grey out slightly on Alpengeist, believe it or not. I wouldn't want any friend of mine to pass out (or anyone for that matter).

Do any experienced blood donors have tips for going to Busch Gardens after such a thing? Is either Alpengeist or a seven hour tour advisable, or will water alone do the trick for some (for revitalization)?
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Oct 7, 2011
Personally, I wouldn't ride Alpengeist immediately after donating blood. And I love that ride. I usually take it easy for a day or two after donating... just in case.

But everybody's mileage varies. Ultimately you know your physiology better than anyone except (hopefully) your doctor.
Aug 9, 2016
Virginia Beach
The American Red Cross recommends you avoid any strenuous activity for the rest of the day after giving blood. I would imagine that a adrenaline filled roller coaster ride wouldn't be recommended. If you feel a little lightheaded afterwards, take it easy until you get better. If you feel pretty good afterwards and didn't get lightheaded during or shortly after donation, you should be ok to do most activities.

The most important thing to remember when giving blood is drink plenty of water before and after. Also, eat a healthy meal before. This will help with any lightheaded feeling and dizziness. Worst people giving blood are highschoolers because they think a pop tart or toaster strudel make for a good breakfast. They pass out all the time and it is pretty funny. A good meal afterwards is helpful for the body too.

People react differently after giving blood. I have seen the biggest of men struggle afterwards and the smallest of women pop off the bed after donation like nothing happened. Most will depend on what you have eaten and how your body responds.

I am not a RN, but do give blood regularly due to my rare blood type. Plus I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express a few weeks ago.... :)
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