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Big Bad Wolf hunter
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Jun 16, 2013
First of all let me say I was not sure where this topic fit in best so if someone feels it fit better somewhere else please feel free to move it.

Didn't get to go to theme parks much growing up so I am really new to coasters and some what intimidated by them but have been getting into them slowly worked up to the point that I been riding Verbolten and have pretty much gotten comfortable with it and looking to try another one so what would be suggestions for the next step up without going overly extreme as I still getting comfortable with them?
I'm assuming you are specifically are asking for BGW coasters. I would suggest Lochness Monster as your next. It only has one big drop to say and it will be a great coaster to begin going upside down on. Since you have ridden Verbolten, then I'm sure this one is very easy. The first drop is less intense than Bolts Rhine River drop mainly because you go into an incline right after as opposed to a sharp-heavy banked turn.

The lift hill is really slow, but don't worry yourself too much on the climb. Just be sure to take in the view as you climb above the tree tops.

After LNM, I would suggest Apollo as it is a very calm ride to say. It will help you adjust to going to high heights very quickly and then going right back down soon after. Then Alpengeist or Griffon. It's mainly your choice from there. Griffon can be intense to new riders because of the first drop, but it's over with very quickly. Alpengeist has very quick transitions with lots of inversions back to back. I would suggest riding more towards the front for smoother ride.
Everything Evan said^^ The lift hill advice he gave is solid. I've always felt that the 'lift' is the beauty of a coaster. Probably why Verbolten is my least favorite in the park. When you find yourself looking around and taking in the sights on a lift hill, instead of dwelling on fear, you're ready for any coaster :) Evans advice of saving Alpengeist for last is also solid. It will dis-orient you quickly and has some pretty intense g-forces. And if you are new to coasters, These sensations will not be comfortable for you.
If you're ready to go upside down, start with Loch Ness. If not, start with Verbolten.

- Loch Ness has a big drop plus the two loops. Not very intense and it sorta chugs through the layout. Height might be a little intimidating, but it's not a huge deal since you're only up in the air for a short amount of time.

- Verbolten is the smallest ride in the park, but it packs a punch with its tight turns. Expect to be thrown around a bit, especially in the back. The third drop may catch you by surprise if you're not prepared for

- Griffon is sorta that medium between the smaller coasters (Bolt and Loch Ness) and the bigger boys (Apollo and Alpengeist). It's big, fast, and it goes upside down but it's not very intense and its VERY short. The holding brake at the top is just there to psyche you out. The pops of air in the drops may freak you out a bit, but it's not a huge deal if you sit in the middle or the front. Otherwise you basically glide through the ride.

- Apollo's Chariot is the tallest, fastest coaster in the park (first drop at least). It's incredibly long and (IMO) there's a ton more air than Griffon. Expect to be thrown around a bit, especially toward the back, but it feels very controlled. Toward the front, the ride feels sluggish, so I'd recommend sitting up there for a first ride.

- Alpengeist is probably the most powerful of the five. The first few inversions will throw you around and they're very intense (compared to the other coasters at least). It is a very tall ride as well, but if you can handle Griffon/Apollo's height, you should be able to handle Alpengeist. After the first set of brakes, the ride tapers off. Front row is the best row as it's the smoothest. The ride is more intense in the back, but it rattles insanely hard back there.
I am just going to provide a quick counterpoint here.

For me, Alpie us the easiest and most boring roller coaster in the park.  Because there is no straight drop, it never has the physical effect on me that the others do.  It is fast, which is fun, but it has never been in any way scary or even that interesting to me.  If I have to skip one of the coasters, Alpie is the first one the chopping block for me.

Also, I completely disagree with the notion that the lift hill is the "beauty" of the coater.  Given my terror of ledges, it takes several rides before I will make any effort to look out.  The old school, slow lift hills for me are the worst.  There is one in Cedar Point that just terrifies me, because the cars are open on the side.

And yes, I love roller coasters, I just hate ledges. I am not claiming to be in the majority here, but I imagine I am not alone. So, I wanted to get the minority opinion out there.
Not for nothing, but assuming you could fit on it, there is a good little coaster in the Forest of Fun that could possibly help you ease into these thrill rides...Grover's Alpine Express.  I mean this in all seriousness;  have suggested to many adults that they try it out and usually they like it so much that they ride multiple times and end up wanting more.  It's a short walk to Nessie from there!! ;)
I agree with everyone here. Go to Loch Ness next, I did Alpie next because, as nic said above, it isn't as forceful or sickening on drops and loops (but watch your head). I did Apollo Next which was really easy and super fun!! Lastly, do Griffon. (I'm still afraid to ride Griffon though!! :p)
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Alpengeist is easily the most intense coaster in the park and, outside of Intimidator 305, in the state in my honest opinion.

That said, I'm a big propionate of just going for it. If you think you can walk up to Apollo's Chariot first thing on your next trip to the park and ride it, do it. You'll have a blast- it's a glorious ride. My list went as follows:

Loch Ness Monster
Wild Maus
Big Bad Wolf
Apollo's Chariot
Grover's Alpine Express

As you can see, it's all over the map. I rode Loch Ness Monster a year or two before I rode The Wolf. I enjoyed LNM at the time but I still had to work up to riding The Wolf. Alpie ended up being next for me because, on impulse, I decided I was just goin' to do it. I ended up falling in love with coasters after that.

Basically, don't over think this stuff too much. There's no silver bullet order that will make you enjoy coasters no matter what. I've started friends on Verbolten, The Wolf, and Loch Ness Monster who have ended up hating their experience and not moving on from there (not normal, but you get the idea). That said, I've started someone on Apollo's and someone else on Alpengeist and both those people ended up loving coasters. Nothing will make you love or hate them so, if you feel up to one, just do it.
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There is no beauty in fear Nic. Interesting that you seem afraid of the lift on a coaster due to a ledge or dropoff, yet you still ride. I've not experienced any type of fear on a coaster in a long long time. Since childhood i guess. Only excitement and occasionally 'beauty' :) Beware of I305's lifthill in the right hand seat!(no railing) Now there's a ledge that's hard to ignore.
I know you posted this in the BGW boards, but as Nic and Mazakman said, KD does have a whole level of perfect "get your feet wet" coasters. Once you learn to love that falling sensation and the freedom of those twists and turns, you'll have a passion for coasters, too. :)

So, here is my ordered list every good "feet wetting" coasters in Virginia. I know you've done Verbolten already, but for the sake of others who might read this, I'll start from the beginning.

- Great Pumpkin Coaster - Kings Dominion
- Grover's Alpine Express - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Woodstock Express - Kings Dominion
- Avalanche - Kings Dominion
- Backlot Stunt Coaster - Kings Dominion
- Ricochet - Kings Dominion
- Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Dominator - Kings Dominion
- Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Remember, this isn't a list of every coaster- just the good ones to work your way up on. I've left out most of the wooden coasters because everyone appreciates those differently.

So, enjoy getting your feet wet. Hope you get to share our love of coasters soon!
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Started with the wolf at three and hated it. Try LNM when I'm five and fell in love. Then I came back to the wolf at five and loved it just as much as LNM. It's different for everybody. You just got to strap in and hang on for the ride of your life!
I think you should have done Loch Nessie first. I mean, you can certainly do it second, but it is no way near as intense. The Gs don't compare. Just be warned, the first drop is IMO the weirdest part, and might be scarier than Verbolten's drop. Loch ness monster sits there 80+ feet then slowly grabs you out of your seat, then you are going downhill and feel like you are really going to hit the Rhine River. With Vebolten, feeling like your about to hit the Rhine is the last thing you care about after pulling 5+ Gs, and it isn't as steep as nessie's drop.
I had a fear of heights (and drops!), but loved BBW. So for me it was BBW, then LNM, then Alpengeist, then a long break before I hopped on Apollo's Chariot or Griffon. Although, now I think AC is my favorite at the park. Also I felt VERY secure in Alpengeist's restraints. Much more secure to me than Apollo's at the time. That played a big part in it for me.
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Mazakman said:
There is no beauty in fear Nic. Interesting that you seem afraid of the lift on a coaster due to a ledge or dropoff, yet you still ride. I've not experienced any type of fear on a coaster in a long long time. Since childhood i guess. Only excitement and occasionally 'beauty' :) Beware of I305's lifthill in the right hand seat!(no railing) Now there's a ledge that's hard to ignore.

I am a coaster junkie, which is probably a bit strange, since I won't even go up the Eiffel Tower at KD. I still haven't decided if I will go up to the top of Griffon when I do the Roller Coaster Insider tour in May.

My husband always takes the open side on coasters like Millennium Force and i350. But I love long straight drops, and it always ride in the back car.

One time on Volcano I forgot to double check my restraints and I spent the entire ride terrified that my harness was going to fly open and I was going to fall out on a loop. Crazy, right?
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Ah...I see Nic. I have never heard of a coaster junkie with a fear of heights. Pretty cool (and brave) stuff! Nice of your Husband to take the 'intimidating' seat for you :) With a little understanding now, I'll give some advice. 'If' I were not so fond of heights, it seems that the actual height of what I was on would not be the intimidating factor. The surroundings would. My point: Even though the Eiffel Tower is higher, it is entirely enclosed, giving more of a sense of security. The top of Griffon is not, and would seem much more intimidating regardless of the height difference. Just a thought though.
The Volcano thing you mentioned is nothing short of a nightmare!
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Oddly, heights themselves don't bother me. It is imaging myself falling to my death that petrifies me. I was on the top of a cathedral in London and nearly had a meltdown, but I ski and have no issue with planes. Coasters are fine as long as I am strapped in, but I hate drop towers that rise slowly and hang there.
Nic said:
I am a coaster junkie, which is probably a bit strange, since I won't even go up the Eiffel Tower at KD.
Nic said:
Oddly, heights themselves don't bother me.  It is imaging myself falling to my death that petrifies me.
Maybe it's just me, but that seems fairly normal? But it could just be because my mom was the same way.

She absolutely LOVES coasters, but she is terrified of heights. She also refused to go up into the Eiffel Tower at KD, but roller coasters she has zero problem with.

And I think that's a fairly common part of the fear of heights. It's not so much being up high that scares most people, it's the "What if I fall?" That terrifies them.

In any case this, thread has gotten slightly off topic. lol Horseboy, I'd have to agree with Evan on which coasters to take next. :)
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