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Sep 30, 2015
We ran into these guys over the weekend and they were all wearing the same sweatshirts.  They're all from Germany and apparently travel specifically to ride coasters around the world.  We ran into them on Verbolten of all things!  They were having a great time making fun of the german props around the ride.  Thought I'd share their website for those who might be interested in looking at it.

Website is in German, but you can see where they are going and have been.  Pretty cool.  Kings Dominion and others were on the list for this trip.  All east coast destinations.
I love that website!

I wonder what they were saying about the stereotyped faux German theming...
Joe said:
They were at KD on Saturday as well.

Yeah, that is what we suspected. I think BGW was the southern most park on the trip. Probably working their way back north now.
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