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Nov 14, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
I have a question (since this is only our second year at the park I don't know the answer myself).

Are the scheduled shows that repeat from one year to the next EXACTLY the same (same songs, costumes, performances, etc) from year to year, or do they just have the same "theme" as in the past but are basically all new shows?

Just curious. We saw all the shows last year like dozens of times and I'm not sure how much I'd be looking forward to seeing them again exactly as they were.

Yeah, the shows stay the same from year to year for the most part. Obviously the performers might change and there may be a few small changes, but you'll likely know what to expect when you see a show that hasn't changed names.
The biggest change I've seen in a show without it having a name change was for Emerald Beat. Last year, they added 2 violinists and took out a guitarist, and an accordion player. They shortened the beginning by taking out the “stomp” part where the dancers removed props on the stage while tapping. They also took out (vocal numbers) “Fields on Gold” and “You Raise Me Up” and added “Danny Boy.” The singers got new costumes for Danny Boy and for curtain call. At the end, the set used was different, but not new to the show. Besides that it was the same.

I’ve also seen a change in “Secrets of Castle O’Sullivan” the last year it was around. Aaron O’Sullivan (a male) became Erin O’Sullivan (a female) and this necessitated changing the lyrics “I wish I were a sultan with a palace full of wives” to “I wish I were a princess with a palace full of guys.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them cut back on Festavale Italiano this year (it’s a very labor intensive show), but I don’t know the show well enough to tell what they change (if they do).
My biggest hope is for that country music show to change it up a little. That was my 3 year old's favorite last year. We saw it dozens of times.

I detest country music, but I had those songs stuck in my head all summer. It sends chills up my spine to think about hearing them again:)

Thanks for the info.
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