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Sep 23, 2009
This thread is going to be for notifying everyone of any general updates that are made to the site.

For example, I've started adding unobtrusive ads to certain posts to try to subsidize the cost of the site. There's no danger that the site will be going away at any point, any extra income would go directly into creating events that would benefit the community here at the site.

So, if you like the site, consider checking out what the ads are offering.
I am glad that you added a few ads. Also, you shouldn't put it ALL into creating events that would benefit the community, you deserve a little profit from all of the work you do to make this site what it is. *Disables Ad-Block on* :)
Yea, I think it's obvious I haven't been to work in about a month. My goal is to not be one of the top weekly posters.
They will still show up under posts that you've received "thanks" for, but the total number of thanks was removed to reduce the height of the post headers. Another cool little post header tweak should be going live soon.
CarterGee said:
......You took away my hard earned stars and replaced it "forum member"?

.............this is me not liking this change.

It was messing up anyways. I'll tell you what, we'll put it to a vote. Stars or labels.

Whatever the community wants is what it will be.
I'm not attached to the stars persay, but a distinguishing image to show people's dedication to the site. When those things exist people feel like they've earned them and stay invested in the site.

I'm in favor of labels if they still have some kind of "earned" value like the number of stars someone had.
I can agree with that to a degree. I believe the stars do cap out at a certain number. That would be no different that using labels. Only people it stands out against is the new people which a post count shows as well.

pandorazboxx said:
explain the star system. How do I earn stars? Also how do I get awesome labels?

More posts... more stars.
I've begun the process of moving the domain away from GoDaddy because of their support of SOPA. If you're unsure of what SOPA is or how it would impact the internet if passed, click the link to go to the Wikipedia article.

There should be no noticeable effects on the site due to the domain transfer.
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