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Dec 23, 2011
I am designating a place to put simple and quick forum questions. Much like the Quick Park Questions thread in the Everything Else thread for BGW.

First question: Being Invisible on the Forums? Every so often I glance at the bottom of the main page and see such and such members online, so and so of whom are invisible, and this and that guests. How does a member become invisible on the forums?
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Just being curious, but I'd assume that a 100% warning level could result in a ban (assuming it were actually used, that is ;) )? Ouch.
Zachary said:
You can hide yourself from the "Who's Online" list here.
I find it pretty funny that, after this post, three of the members currently online are now invisible (at the time of my posting). :D
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Not sure where to put this, but I noticed that Party Rocker's number of posts is -15. Why on earth does it say that? I got confused and checked it on his profile, but it even says (negative so-and-so posts per day -- negative so-and-so% of total posts) there, too. Plus, in "Find Posts," all his posts are still there.

Not to be weird or cause confusion, I just thought this was strange and wondered what the heck was happening (maybe it has to do with his being banned?). Assuming it's just a bug or something - if this post better fits in the Bug Reports thread, someone can move it. :cool: I've noticed this on other users briefly in the past, too, but they have since been fixed. Weird.


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Okay, not to double-post, but I have a more important, completely unrelated question.

Who/what is Testing Account? Just noticed him/it as a member (joined yesterday), with a signature of "This is an Administrative Testing Account." They had one post in a general discussion thread, but it looks like it has already been deleted. Is this spam that I shouldn't even be caring about, or is it actually something the admins are doing? Hmmm...
I'll get the post count fixed and the Testing Account is a secondary account Shane created yesterday to test some things out. No reason for worry.
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Hi Joe,
I created the testing account yesterday, we are using the account to so that we can see what things look like from a standard users point of view b/c Admins/Mods see different things then a normal user.
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Ah, thanks. No problem, I just tend to have an overly excessive sense of curiosity that drives other people bonkers. Good to know. :)

And Shane, now you'll get to see life on the forums the way we peasants see it! :p
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It has been said and very clearly seen that park executives do read these forums; do they have user accounts or do they read as guests?
When creating a new thread, like one about an attraction or restaurant or something, how do you correctly add the filter tag to the front of the thread title. For instance, how do you put the "[Coaster]" tag on "[Coaster] Alpengeist" or "[Defunct]" on "[Defunct] Bistro 205"? I tried simply adding it to the beginning of the thread title when creating the thread, and it didn't work properly. What is the proper way to add the filter tags to a thread?

NOTE: I tried to PM this question to somebody a few days ago, but my computer fell asleep seconds later, so I'm assuming it didn't go through. If you are the person I PM'd, please don't be offended by me asking here, as well. I just wanted to make sure I got my question out there so I can help out, in case I messed up. Thanks!
Only forum staff can add them. BGW's structured boards are closed to new threads so if there's something you think is missing, PM me. If you're talking about BGT or KD, feel free to create a thread and I or someone else will go back and apply the proper prefix to it afterward.
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