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Nov 1, 2012
I just thought I would create a thread concerning general improvements/changes in the park for 2013. I am looking for things new/improved/removed throughout the park. I would like this to be for things outside of the Planet Snoopy expansion/renovation. So as you visit during the 2013 season add what you like as well as any photos you take. (Admins, if you think this topic is already covered somewhere else or better suited under another title, please change it as you see fit).

I will adding some 2013 highlight information that came from a web radio interview yesterday with Kings Dominion's spokesperson Gene Petriello. Gene was able to give out some detail information and some "vague" teaser stuff. I don't have time to give all the details right now. But, I will give out one bit of information.

The Anaconda was NOT painted during this off-season. :-(
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Continuing with what was revealed in the interview with Gene Petriello, Kings Dominion's PR person. The topic: "2013 News Tidbits"

1. Dominator was re-painted during the off-season. Gene said it only took the paint crew 2 weeks to complete the paint job.

2. WoodStock Express is in the process of being re-painted (i.e. Ghoster Coaster / Scooby Doo).

3. Great Pumpkin Coaster,(Taxi Jam), is in the process of being repainted.

4. The former Kidzville rides are in the process of getting their final coat of paint for the Planet Snoopy re-theme and should be in the process of being re-installed later this week.

5. Gene said the first 3 new rides of Planet Snoopy should be fully operational by the end of the week ["Woodstock's Whirlybirds" (teacups), "Snoopy's Junction" (kiddie train), and "Charlie Browns Windup" (swings).

6. KD is currently in the process of re-installing the coaster trains and flat ride cars/vehicles to the rides around the rest of the park.

7. The BMX Stunt Bike show will occupy the Peanuts Showplace amphitheater this year.

8. There is a new stage for the country music show "Got Country" at the western end of the Grove. It is near the WindSeeker and the SkyFlyer attraction. Gene stated they removed the free-standing games booths near those attractions and that is where the stage will be. There was not enough details given to know if this is just a temp stage, similar to what "Blood Drums" used during Haunt, or something more permanent.

9. The far eastern end of the Grove will be getting pavers roughly from where you cross over the small creek, (just past the Dodgem building), to the Congo entrance. I thought Gene stated the pavers might extend into the Congo front plaza area (Where Outer Hanks restaurant is located).

10. Gene said Kings Dominion is in the middle of a multi-year landscaping project for the whole park. In addition to new landscaping for Planet Snoopy the park has re-done the landscaping around the Eiffel Tower.

11. Supposedly, the International Street fountain pool was re-painted. (Again? I thought it was re-painted during last years off-season?)

12. Gene stated that Kings Dominion will be getting a new style of park map for this year. I thought he stated the park will be the first to get this new style of map in the Cedar Fair chain.

13. Gene did mention that they would be some unique events at the park. Again the details were vague at this point.

14. He hinted at some new stuff for the 2013 Haunt. But, there would not be any details available until late summer.

15. Nothing much was brought up concerning food offerings and merchandise. One of the food places was being re-named in the Congo section to better fit the theme of the area. Gene did allude about the park trying to get back to theming in the park. It sounds more of a long-term, multi-year effort.

16. According to Gene, Planet Snoopy will open to the public for the first time at 10:30am Friday, March 29th.

Well, that should wrap it up as far as the interview highlights.
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12. Gene stated that Kings Dominion will be getting a new style of park map for this year. I thought he stated the park will be the first to get this new style of map in the Cedar Fair chain.
Currently, Cedar Fair have some of the best maps. So, this intrigues me. Why the change? Hmm.
^ Funny, I think CF maps are awful and totally welcome this new map change.

Looks like KD's making an effort to really improve itself. A lot of these changes are definitely for the better.
The map was released earlier today and i've updated the blog post to feature an image of the map. The post can be found here:
The map is the same but the way it is organized is different. From the looks of it, it will be like BGW's map but it might not be a flat piece of paper and the same paper used for the current maps. The main map is on the front with a grid system on it along with little attraction/shops/diners locations that can be found on the back of the map.
As Evan stated, the map is slightly different in that they have an (X,Y) locator along the edge and the Live Shows are given greater visibility. Maybe some of the map icons are different?

My only beef is that the coasters on the outer edges of the map are too dis-proportionate in size to the rest of the attractions. They need to reign them in by 1/4 to 1/3 in size and give that space to the central part of the park; especially the kids area. It is too crammed together in those areas. Oh well, too late to do anything for this season. Maybe that is something the park can tweak in the future. Hopefully, the PDF version will show up on their web site soon. Then you could download it and enlarge it to review the details.

It would be nice if Kings Dominion had 2 types of maps like they had during the Taft/KECO years. One was the functional map handed out to the park guests at the parking booth or at the front gate; the other was a decorative/commemorative poster style map you could purchase for 4 or 5 dollars at the gift shops around the park. :)

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be nice if they had map/entertainment signs throughout the park. Like a couple signs in each section of the park. They could have the full park map sign and right next to it a blown up version of the map, of the area you are in, showing the rides, attractions, show facilities, shops and food places. Also, a entertainment sign listing all the shows, where they are performed, and showtimes. Heck, they could even make the show sign partially electronic. The park could display the showtimes for that day; or, if the show is dark (day off) it could show "No Show Today"; or at the beginning of the season "Show Opens June 15th". Well, wishful thinking on my part. :shy:
Link for the lazy:

I hope that's not the finial production version because the map itself is really pixelated.
Not like Kings Dominion has anything else going on for 2013; but, the Carousel is undergoing a multi-year restoration project. For 2013, 16 horses have undergone a refurbishment. These are the outside horses, (the ones with the most detail). The remaining horses and other stuff on the carousel will be done over the next couple of years. Kings Dominion's carousel will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2017. I assume the park wants it to look nice and spiffy for its centennial. (Not much information was given as to whether or not the Whurlitzer (sp?) band organ will get restored in the future).

See and hear all about it!
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Evan said:
Just published the long awaited 2013 General Update post!

Thanks for the great pictures and writeup!

I was mistaken when I wrote about the carousel restoration. I thought the park was having all the outer horses restored this year. I am not sure if the park requested the horses in the worst condition be done first or if they just started with one group/section of horses to restore.

The person doing the restoration is a guy in Mechanicsville, VA (Naylor's Finishes). Sonny specializes in motorcycle paint jobs and was hired by the park to do the work on the horses. Here is a report done by the CBS TV station in Richmond: Carousel Restoration

I hope the Grove stage is a temporary situation until Kings Dominion can budget some money to put in a more permanent venue next year. I am concerned that no one will want to watch the country music / Karaoke show in the middle of July, in the middle of the afternoon, standing on hot asphalt in the blazing sun! Right now, there is no seating, except for the landscape islands nearby and they are far away from the stage and really aren't oriented toward the front of it.

I would like to see the stage oriented toward the trees between the Rock Shop and the Ferris Wheel. Create a tiered seating area (semi-circle) that could hold 200-250 people. Add shading screens over the seating area, with a couple fans to circulate the air. It does not have to be fancy; but, how about thinking of a little guest comfort here! :mad:

I'd hate to think of the park eliminating a show because of perceived low attendance / interest when they literally "shot themselves in the foot" by dumping a stage along a midway path.

Did any of you get the new 2013 show brochure? It is separate from the park map. I got one that was in a holder next to the Grove Stage. It is well done and had all the 2013 shows listed along with the show times for the entertainment productions currently active.
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