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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Use this thread for animal-related discussions and content that don't otherwise fit in one of the specific animal attraction sections.
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I won't derail this thread but I'll say this, I never lock my doors ever. Feel free to come over when I'm not here.
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Jessika said:
Nicole said:
They have actually increased the numbers and types of farm animals in Heatherdowns, and predators in the Wild Reserve.  The park isn't just about rides and shows.  Animal conservation is a huge component of the Busch and Sea World brand.  Mistreating or getting rid of the animals would make no sense, and piss off a lot if guests, as well.

yea true Busch Gardens has always been about conservation, but I wonder if in the future we could see them relocate the animal stables to build future attractions. I am not sure how far the BG property goes but I believe they have plenty of space to expand. It's definitely an exciting place to work for sure . Especially if you love roller coasters.

While admittedly I am not a fan of the shows, to me one of the most important reasons to visit any Busch or Sea World park is the integration of animals and rides.  When people talk about the things they love about BGW, it focus generally isn't on their thrill rides.  I'm not saying their coasters are bad at all.  I love the collection at BGW, especially AC and Nessie.  I do think they need to work on their assortment of good flats, but that is another discussion altogether.  That said, most discussions about BGW and BGT seem to focus on the theming, the "shrubbery," and the animals.  People enjoy the feeling of being in pretty gardens with interesting animal exhibits, as much as they enjoy the thrill rides.

Even within that context, there are other parks that also do a great job of landscaping and theming.  What SWP&E brings to the table, in my opinion, is the combination of great coasters and even better animal exhibits.  If there were no interesting zoo tours and attractions, I would probably spend more time and money at parks with better rides (CF) and theming (USO/IoA).
They should not be boxed in. Have you seen how that goat treats them? They need to be free to express their greater sheepdom.
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