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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
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Description below is a work in progress.

The future of Garden Gate Cafe is currently uncertain. Until August 19, 2013, it was serving as a pizza and pasta buffet restaurant with pay one price for all you care to eat. It closed along with Crown Colony Restaurant after the summer season, and officially is listed as "closed for the season" on the park's website.

In September 2013, the location opened on weekends only as Garden Gate Craft Brews, featuring eight beers on tap, several more in bottles and cans, and various snacks. A manager at the location on opening weekend stated it was temporary, but did not know for how long.

The location reopened as a buffet for several days around Thanksgiving 2013, and again for the holiday weeks around Christmas and New Year.
Has the Garden Gate Cafe re-opened?  I notice that it is listed again on the dining section of the park's site.  If so, will the craft brews continue along with it, or will they just have the one in the Crown Colony Cafe?  I enjoyed the larger draft selection at the Garden Gate location.  It was a nice quiet spot to enjoy a flight of four during the afternoon.  Just curious.
This location changes menu more than some people change clothes.

Seriously though, the past few weeks it is back to being Garden Gate Cafe with the normal All You Can Eat Pizza and Pasta Buffet back. They have added Chicken Parmesan to the menu, though, so that is a bit of an upgrade.
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