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Sep 13, 2013
Hi!  Can someone please recommend games my 10 year old daughter can play and hopefully win something?  We have passes and go every week but I never let her "waste" money on games, but she has been driving me crazy asking to play, so I will finally give in.  Thanks!


Jan 30, 2014
The only money we usually 'waste' on our 5 year old is a couple hand fulls of rings at the ring toss. If we actually want her to get something to carry around the park though, I put my wife into one of those water gun shoot the target games. She always seems to win those and our daughter couldn't give a crap about winning, she just wants the stuffie to carry around and take home. Your 10 year old should have no problem climbing the rope ladder over by the kiddie bumper cars if I tell you the secret. Keep your hands and feet off of the ladder rungs. Shimmy/hop your way up with your hands and feet on the ropes to each side. Don't get me wrong, you still need good balance, but going up using the ladder steps is almost impossible. They have BIG prizes there so drive the 'family truckster' to get it home! Best of luck, and letting your child fail at a 5 dollar game may be money well spent in more ways than one.
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