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Jan 30, 2014
KD has adopted a new 'play Pass' game system. All midway games have been fitted with card swipers, replacing the old cash dispensers. In fact, they no longer accept cash at all! You must purchase a card at any one of the multiple kiosks around the gaming areas. I used the system for the first time yesterday and it seems to work fine. My only issue was, the game workers no longer have any cash at all, so if you have a $20 bill, and only want to load half of that on your game card, you must find change elsewhere. I had to get change from the cotton candy cart lady. I like the 'play pass' idea, but they need to keep cash close by the kiosks for breaking larger bills.
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Sep 23, 2009
There's a huge reason why this is a massive improvement that many people may not have thought about:

From what I understand, games across many parks are the most consistent victims of employee theft in the industry. It is very, very easy for a games employee to pocket a couple bucks once or twice a day and simply never be caught unless a supervisor is specifically watching their every move. Three people want to play a water gun game? Count two of the players and pocket the money of the third. You still give out one prize like nothing ever happened. The scams are incredibly simple to pull off and very hard to prevent. The removal of paper money from the equation all together should totally remove this issue.
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