Do you think the Games and Arcade & Claw Machines are altered in a unfair way?

  • Yes, everything is rigged, it always is!

    Votes: 16 59.3%
  • Only Arcade & Claw Machines are rigged.

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Only Games are rigged.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Only Games & Claw Machines are rigged.

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • Only Games & Arcade Machines are rigged.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Only Claw Machines are rigged.

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Only Arcade Machines are rigged.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nope, everything is completely fair and honest.

    Votes: 3 11.1%

  • Total voters
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Dec 23, 2011
Festa Italia Games[/SIZE]]
  • 3 Point Challenge
    • This games costs $5 per player. The player has 40 seconds to make 12 shots from the 3 point line on the court. The player will start at the first rack on the far left side of the court with three regular basketballs and a money ball. Once those balls are shot from the first rack the player moves to two other racks with the same basketballs at each one. The second rack is directly center end of the court, while the third one is on the far left side of the court. Each basketball is worth 1 point, money balls are worth 2 points. The maximum points available is 15 points. On average players tend to get 3 - 7 points. There have been people who have achieved all 15 points. Prize limits for this game were not established until approximately 2012 when one man had won all the inventory of the major prizes. Prizes are awarded as follows: Olympian (4-7 points), Bronze (8-11 points), Silver (12-14 points), Gold (15 points). Prizes may change on a daily basis. Typical prizes are small basketballs, regular sized college basketballs, official NBA jerseys, and a type of the iPad. Small children who play this game must start the game at the first rack at the 3 point line; however, after the four initial shots if they are not getting the basketballs near the rim, team members may move the other two racks forward closer to the rim to make shooting easier.

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RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I remember a long time ago. At the basketball game next to Darkastle, the employees were bored, since it was around closing, and they were shooting the basketball into the hoops. One of the balls went over the counter and onto the walk way, so I went a picked it up for them, and they gave me a free giant, blue, fluffy monkee. Which I still have by the way.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

Wow, talk about laziness :p Wish I could be that lucky to get a prize for getting a ball.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I won the candy cane twice in a row at the Christmas Town basketball game in Holiday Hills. I felt sorry for the poor guy beside me trying to win one for his girlfriend. He just glared at me as I gave my extra candy cane to my friend who asked me to try to win him one. The other one is put up on my door and decorates my house at Christmas. :)
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I got a green Android guy on my second try with one of the claw machines in Festa. I then proceeded to waste the rest of the $20.00 in tokens I purchased trying to get the other colors to no avail. It was pure luck when my prize started to fall off the claws. It got caught by the tag. But I knew that these things are designed to make you lose; like a slot machine with the occasional random winner. You can't expect a guaranteed "fair" gain when you put your money in a machine. Heck, you can't even rely on getting a soda can to drop ALL of the time. :cool:
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I typically tend to be very good a claw machines, or at least the ones at my local Regal Cinemas. I used to get at least one stuffed toy thing out of one of the machines each time I went. I have not been able to try the ones at the park though, sadly I feel I might never get the opportunity.

Non-Arcade related; although I think I am decent at any game :p Sometimes I win sometimes I loose. There never seems to be any pattern. I think the games are fair and are more about skills. Also, I have had some confirmation that the games aren't rigged. Does anyone have proof that they are or aren't?
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

It's funny, they don't even try to hide how rigged the 3 point contest is. The rim is insanely tilted and the bolts look like they're going to fall out of it.
Oh another messed-up one (well they all are this one's obvious too :)) is the soccer game in Oktoberfest, the speed one that is. I shot 45, then 47 mph, and then, shooting with the exact same amount of power, it said I shot 16 mph. *sigh*
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RE: BGW Games & Arcades

Sorry jack but I had to laugh :p I know at least 3 Point isn't rigged. I have seen a few people make all 15 shots, in fact one guy named Gary wins every time he plays because he plays constantly. Practice makes perfect ;)

As for soccer, what you feel vs what actually is can vary, but that does seem a bit off.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

The games of skill and claw/prize machines are rigged in some way. In regards to a lot of the carnival games, you can find strategies on how to beat theme online.

Buy a bucket at ring toss. Better chance to win and you get a free prize.
Winner every time games carry neat prizes too.
With basketball games, it helps to arc the shot. The ball won't make it into the hoop otherwise.

Bananas are so awesome! Got a few playing ring toss. Scored a rasta-banana from a friend who played one of those water gun games.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

Ben said:
The basketballs seem to be smaller than regulation as well. I generally hit 2-3 shots per game.
Not only are they small, they're heavier than regulation balls too.
Oh, and PR, I know I don't have amazing baller skills :p. But the net is harder to shoot on then a regulation one for the reasons above.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

So if you think they are altered/rigged, does that mean it is unfair? Just like everything in Vegas, playing them is a gamble. No guarantees.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

chickenking said:
So if you think they are altered/rigged, does that mean it is unfair?

This is the point that PR has missed in the past. He conflates "rigging" with being "cheated." The machines have fixed payout percentages just like all games of chance. And many of the other games (like the basketball games)are altered in a way to give the house the advantage. It's not that people don't win (they do, and you need them to) but the odds always favor the house. Simply put, if they had a game there that was "beatable" it wouldn't be there very long.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

They are games of skill, and some need special skills that are not apparent to the untrained eye...walked away with 8 stuffed animals opening weekend...wife wanted them...fur covered interior much?

Well, some are games of luck, but that's gambling.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I used to always win the guess your birth month game. The employee simply guessed your birth month. It was in the ocktoberfest games. It left a year or two ago. You can guess why ;)
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

BTW, just as a point of perspective, I guarantee I spend more money in a season on games/arcade then anybody on this forum. I'm not a games hater. Just a realist. ;)
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

I am deep into research about carnival games, games at the park, and the arcade and their machines. I will find out what makes these things tick. Full report to come later.
RE: BGW Games & Arcades

After doing some research and a visit to the park late one Saturday night. I found out about a guy who is perfect at 3 Point Challenge. He goes to all sorts of parks plays their 3 Point Challenge games as a hobby and does either very well or wins. Sources tell me, he was the reason you can only win 2 Gold Medal prizes per year, along with other prize limits.

You can check out Youtube videos of him at this page if you click this link

The BGW specific video is just a click away!

According to one video description, he was banned for life from the game at BGT.
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