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Dec 23, 2011
So, I thought there are so many rumors and facts but they are all sort of intertwined, maybe we can start a thread to try to spell out the future as a whole. So to start it off, here is a few things I have recently learned and is basically covering the next 3-5 years.

- Verbolten opens (Fact)
- Announcement of Country and/or Major dark ride (rumor)
- Country OR Major dark ride begins construction (rumor)
- Country OR Major ride opens (rumor)
- Announcement of resort (rumor)
- Resort construction begins (rumor)
- Resort opens (Fact-ish)*
- Announcement of another Major dark ride (rumor)
- Construction of Major dark ride beings (rumor)
- Country OR Major dark ride opens (rumor)

*This just means the resort is set to open by now. It isn't really officially announced but is 96% likely to happen.

So yeah, from my sources this is what I put together. By the way, full year operation is being more than looked at. It will happen sometime in the middle of this schedule. To be honest, all this is supposed to be done no later than 2016 but I tried fitting it into a tight but loose and repetitive schedule.

As you can see, a resort will be open by 2014, with two new dark rides opening each a year or so apart from each other, starting within the next year or two. A new train station will be added for the resort as an entrance/exit for resort guests only and will possibly drop off park only guests to Spain. One train station for two different stops? All this is set to be done by 2015 but I am giving them 2016 to allow for changes or mess-ups.

EDIT: New restrooms to 'German Village' means they expect more people to use them at once? This could be leading to expansion near wherever the bathroom is. I believe this could refer to Festhaus bathroom expansion. After all, the Festhaus was rumored for that, or at least some kind of renovation.
Yes, according to my sources, this is everything the park has occupying its mind besides finishing Verbolten.

Also, to help prove the resort and year round operating season, think of the bathrooms. Starting last year they started to upgrade them. First it was Scotland, now Germany, next Oktoberfest. They are expanding them, adding more room to them. This means they expect more people in the park, so in a way this is a overlooked clue to the future!
Also, a huge push for darkrides makes sense because they can operate year round no matter what the weather is outside. The question: Can the park attract enough people during the current off-season to stay afloat?
Expanding to weekends in November wouldn't be worse than weekends in September. They could also open every weekend in March. January and February will be hard to do but possible, if planned out right.
Swiftman said:
Also, a huge push for darkrides makes sense because they can operate year round no matter what the weather is outside. The question: Can the park attract enough people during the current off-season to stay afloat?

A high-quality, themed, and activity filled resort could very easily promote that. I surely know I would be visiting if they did that. Granted they recognize their long term pass holders better and we not cancel ours. A family with 20+ passes.
Well, with two new dark rides, and hopefully a resort that has a special attraction or two, they could possibly just be able to open year round. That would give them 4 dark rides to open which would practically replace all the coasters.

BTW, who thinks Verbolten will be the coaster open during Christmas Town next year??

EDIT: Oh and also, I think we will see regular pass holder announcements inside the Festhaus every year now, which is how we will find out what will be coming to the park. I believe they are trying to convince them that they should keep their passes because we are getting cooler new stuff. That could be the only reason for the pass holder announcements.
No not because of the announcement, but because they are giving you reasons why you should keep your pass, so you can experience all the new stuff coming up.
But if you are part of the GP and just got a pass, you don't really think of the Fun Card. You think about how cool all that new stuff is and that you can go anytime you want for the next year or so.
even a basic one park one year pass is worth so much more than a fun card... and you get howloscream too
Pass Benefits

- Discounts (15% - 30%)
- Free Parking (Free Preferred Parking and Separate Parking Entrance for Platinum Pass Holders)
- Free Admission
- Special Events (Pass Holder Appreciation Weekend & Pass Holder Preview Day)
- Howl-o-Scream (Maybe soon to be Christmas Town instead)
- Good for either 1 year or 2 years.
- Good for either 1 park, 2 parks, or 9 parks.

Fun Card Benefits

- Free Admission

Annual Passes are so much more worth it. Plus, when you go to that announcement in the Festhaus, they are rubbing the new stuff in your face telling you how fun and cool it is and you can save money experiencing it by getting a annual pass.
A annual is better way to go. I have been a 2 year pass for the last four years and one year pass holder since 1999 and love this pass for the benefits. One of them is, I don't like paying for parking everytime I visit the park.
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