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Aug 31, 2013
Gainesville, FL
The once fun Vekoma adventure ride known by many as Rhino Rally at BGT has been questioned for removal. Why? Because it's really expensive to hire drivers, it's gotten cheesy with the removal of the notorious water adventure section, and the main reason being, It's just not popular anymore. Not only has it been wiped entirely from the map, but speculations have been made by some guests that the ride may close. Although nothing is official, feel free to post comments! :D

So far there is no visible work being done on the site. Outside of the banner and singange being removed at the entrance (near the elephant habitat) everything else along the course looks to be untouched.

I don't know that it's removal from the map means it's permanently gone. But I do think that until at least Spring Break/Easter season (or Summer Season) it will remain closed.
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