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What do you guys imagine the crowds to be like this Sunday? I went opening Sunday last year and it was pretty dead even with Twisted Timbers just opening.
How are the crowds during weekdays during the summer? I've never attempted a summer trip before, but some friends are going Wednesday and I'm tagging along.
^^-- this is after the fact, but it seems the season really kicks in July 4th or slightly after. You know, when it gets really miserable outside the water park ...
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Having just gotten back into going to Kings Dominion now that my kids are older and interested in coasters, I have really been enjoying visiting the park on weekdays after work. We are pretty much able to get a full day in. This past Wednesday (8/14/19), we left the Burger King across the street at around 5:30 and went to the park. By 7:45 we had ridden:
  • Dominator
  • Avalanche
  • Intimidator (Flight of Fear was closed or we would have done that one too)
  • Backlot
  • Delirium
  • Racer 75
  • Twisted Timbers (3 times with no wait)
  • Apple Zapple
  • Windseeker
Hit up Rita's and headed home. Great evening.
Back when they were open until 8 the last week of August, it was insane. I can't blame them a bit that they started closing earlier those days and now are closed 3 days that week. I saw it.
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Has anyone got a guess for the crowds on Labor Day weekend? I've never been at that time of year, and I could see it going either way- beaches, camping and family BBQ, or maybe everybody runs to KD. My wife is an educator and we're thinking of going for the free/reduced tickets for education personnel on Labor day weekend.
Just a friendly reminder that the State Fair starts tonight and runs through NEXT Sunday while the park is usually less crowded during that time expect heavier than normal traffic and congestion in the area.
is it safe to say that tomorrow (9/29) will probably be a fairly light day? i'm bringing two friends who have never gone to KD and want to make sure they're able to experience everything.
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