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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
So as it was spilled accidentally out in California, Six Flags Magic Mountain will likely reclaim the coaster title in 2013 with the addition of the rumoured "Full Throttle."

I don't want to get into huge details, since it's all going to be announced in the summer anyways but here are some of the important things that have been talked about:

-In place of the old log flume there
-Will likely use one of the tunnels from the old monorail that got demolished in that area
-People seem to think it's going to have two launches
-World's tallest vertical loop???
Do not know at all. It has rumored to be B&M's first launch coaster, but beyond that claim who knows...
Yeah Incredible Hulk had a sub contractor design that launch. B&M has been rumoured on developing their own launch system for quite a few years now, and they enjoy debuting their new stuff to Six Flags parks or Merlin parks. Looks like it's Six Flag's turn this time.
Rumor of the day is/was Premier, but the park's been working with Intamin for their latest additions so who knows?

As for B&M, it's not likely they've got a launch coaster in the works, but with all these newer, more intense-looking designs coming out, I wouldn't be surprised to see a SF park get it stateside.
It's hard to say which manufacturer that Six Flag is going with, but if I was betting man I wouldn't be surprise if they go with Intamin or Premier. Here's one thing to remember and that is B&M is known for having big loops in there coasters.

As the mouths pass by, more leaks to this rumor will come out we will have to wait to see. We will not need to wait long for the little birdie to speak. As I say, when amusement park little birdie speaks everybody listens.
Rumors have been straying away from B&M as of late, and word on the street is Zierer's name is getting thrown in the mix. You have got to see the terrain that this ride has available to use, it'll easily hold a gigantic coaster upwards of a mile in length.
Glad the superman track is getting more use. It's awkward looking but it's appealing to look at unlike intamin's Box track.
that's an interesting track design. Looks good. Are they calling it a top hat because it is directly above the loop below it?
Oh look, another trick track coaster!

I think it looks amazing. Shame it's not themed/at six flags.

I hope that spectator friendly inversion is actually placed so spectators can enjoy it. If it's not, it'll be criminal.

I'm very glad that it's a Premier. That company definitely needs more work. The funny thing is, they have some wonderfully creative ideas, but never get wonderfully creative clients to utilise their work to full potential. Oh well. Maybe their time will come. Or maybe not. When I saw their stand at EAS (Europe's answer to IAPPA), it was incredibly dull with just a couple of old guys standing around looking dull. Their stall was dead as a result. As was Intamin's actually... Whilst Mack, Vekoma, Maurer and the wood manufacturers all had vibrant interesting stands and were bustling with potential clients. Needmoreyoungpeopleintheindustry.
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-via Screamscape

First pieces finally being put in place.
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