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Apr 30, 2015
Do they still allow the actors to ride the rides with you? there were a few zombies on some of the rides the year i went.
Went tonight full trip report later for what it's worth since it ends tomorrow but I have to say that I am surprised that SFA a house that took my favorite spot this year beating out KD and BGW houses for the honor.
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SFA's Fright Fest is about on par with SFOG's event. Decent mazes but could be better.

My biggest gripe is that the pathways are unclear so you're either walking into wrong pathways or you're running into walls because it's so dark inside. Something should be done about the lighting in some of those mazes.
As promised my trip report. The weather really worked in my favor cold snd wet early in the day gave way to cold and heavily overcast at night which kept the crowds wasy down. Most of the houses were only 10 to 15 minute waits.

Voodoo curse was fairly decent with the actors really trying hard but the layout and lighting really could use some work I almost walked into a wall in the first room as it was blacked out and had black walls with a black drape opening to the first room off of the entranceway. It could use s little more staff but the ones that were in it were giving there all.

The crypt was HORRIBLE the layout sucks causing us to have to stop multiple times to figure out which way to go and the ONLY two actors that we encounter were not doing anything but directing traffic and I mean actually directing traffic as pointing the way to go. Complete waist of time and space.

The haughting of hall manor was incredible easily my favorite of the year from any of the three parks I went to. The winding path through the bamboo was used extremely well with the actors Russelling the bamboo to make noise that made you feel like something was stalking you the whole way through and with actors simply appearing and the vanishing out of sight. I don't scare easy and it creeped me out snd maid me want to get the HELL OUT OUT of it. A++++ everything was spot on.

Twisted fairy tales was so so. My biggest gripe is that the 3d glasses thst I had were blurry as heck and really made it hard to see and enjoy the maze as well as just find my way around safely. It was staffed ok but actors just didn't seem to be doing well last night.

Total Damnation was pretty good with the actors really getting into it snd chasing us through the maze and a pretty decent layout.

Aftermath had decent props but was poorly staffed. We basically didn't encounter anyone for most of the part. The one actor at the end though hot me pretty well as she stayed completely hidden snd popped out right at my back when I thought I was past everything.

The scare comes were ok but nothing special.

I personally like awaking even if it's not as good as resurrection.

My pet issues though is that the area by the entrance appeared to not only have the Christmas lights up but turned on which felt out of plasce.
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