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Peter R.

Loch Ness Monster Lives...45 Years! 1978-2023
Aug 14, 2010
Honestly that wasn't that terrible. I agree needs a bit of tweaking but it could work.
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Sep 29, 2009
I actually agree with Zachary. I saw this in person, and found it somewhat painful to watch. I especially feel sorry for the performers, because it is not their fault. Pretty much, the actors are just following the script. They didn't seem to be given as much leeway as far as improvising as Blood Banquet. The only reason for that, is because this is in a theater, so the entertainment department thinks they have more of a say in what goes on. With Blood Banquet however, after the first weekend or so, the entertainment department left pretty much the entire thing to the culinary department. That's part of what gave the actors more flexibility. I actually think it's time that the park does away with the idea of having A show and dining experience in this venue. The closest they ever got to making it work, Was with Celtic Dyne, however by the time they got Celtic Dyne running properly, they canceled it. Maybe if they have Monster Stomp in the Globe Theatre next year, they could have some performers from Monster Stomp. That way, they could even keep the same name.
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