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Sep 23, 2009
Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
The laboratory lights are on and the electricity is crackling. Dine with the surgeon, his assistant and their kooky monster at Freakenstonia Castle. The slab is just as hot as the food and the drinks are flowing faster than an I.V. drip in this riveting, entertaining and live-action experience. Plus, when you purchase online, get a one-time priority access pass to “13: Your Number’s Up”.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
The all-you-care-to-eat dinner buffet at Freakenstonia Castle in Ireland features Pork BBQ sliders, Guinness infused chili, chicken fajitas, currywurst (knockwurst tossed in curry ketchup), rotini pasta tossed with tomato and garlic olive oil, cheesy hash browns, corn medley, tossed salad, dinner rolls, assorted desserts and non-alcoholic beverages.

Beer, Wine and Frankenstein’s Black Brew (mixed alcoholic drink) are available for purchase separately.
- You must be 21 years of age to purchase and consume alcohol.
- Positive proof of age is required.

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance to check-in.

Pass members receive a special rate by logging into the pass member area of the website.

Cancellations: Dining reservations must be cancelled or rebooked a minimum of one day prior to the scheduled dine or total payment will be forfeited.

Official Page

Thread locked till event begins.
Just found out that it's bit really Fiends related. Fans of the show will be disappointed if they do this.

Also, no interactive pasta station.
Frank700 said:
Which is better, Fright Feast or Blood Banquet?

If you are going for a better show, I would say Blood Banquet. That being said, Fright Feast has very good food, and great atmosphere. The show, however, was so bad it was painful. I will say right away though, that it was not by any means the cast's fault. They started the show with a serious Willie Nelson song, but in was done in a very corny manner. Also, the arrangement completely butchered it. I saw our two main entertainment execs., and I couldn't tell by their reactions what they thought of it. It is still a good deal, because the price is reasonable, the food is great, and if you get to one of the first two showings, you get a quick queue for 13. So, very good deal, in spite of the show.
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The first time period 4:30-5:30 is by reservation ONLY. After that it is kinda non-stop walk-ins; and you can stay as long as you want (I was told). The website needs to emphasize that for FF & BB. It can be confusing. Anyway, the castle dining room was very well themed. It had a pleasant atmosphere and the stage looked great. The tables were setup cute with SPECIMEN CONTAINER holding a brain and doubling as a table marker number. I had 11. The buffet was exactly as shown on the GIANT menu outside the hall. The service was good. The food was good. Not special, but still yummy. For me it was all about the currywurst and bottomless glasses of milk (I rarely get milk and this was a treat). Monster Cake was yummy!! There was a separate bar to the left of the stage. Before and after the show, they played the old classic 1922 B&W silent film NOSFERATU on a hanging sheet to the right of the stage. Too bad there wasn't time to watch it all. Then there was the show.

The show was very corny. The actors did very well with their material, but this was just really...dumb. I couldn't wait for it to end. I don't even think my daughter would've cared for it much. It sounded very much like an old classic radio play, but without any redeeming quality whatsoever. The surgeon and the assistants looked very much the part, but the kooky monster was maybe a little too kooky. Reminded me of a very bad "The Joker" straight out of Arkham Asylum. There was a little crowd interaction via a guest holding the signs on stage for 'Dem Bones or whatever. Then a little more from the kook running from table to table acting goofy.



  • Fright Fest - stage 1.JPG
    Fright Fest - stage 1.JPG
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  • Fright Fest - bar.JPG
    Fright Fest - bar.JPG
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  • Fright Fest - apothecary.JPG
    Fright Fest - apothecary.JPG
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    Fright Fest - wall.JPG
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  • Fright Fest - buffet.JPG
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I actually see what they're trying to do by at least looking at the pics. They're going for the feel of the old horror movies (like Nosferatu) and that in itself is kind of cool. They way that you say the show plays out... I don't know.
While I like the doctor, nurse and assistants costumes... that creations... makes him look like he escaped from Fear Fair.

I have a very big interest in old looking stuff like that. (the apothecary, the old wheel chair, Nosferatu. etc.) But it sounds really bad when it's just corny material. :/ It over all sounds like it has potential.

(And gurl, your wig is halfway off your head. Fix it. and I genuinely hope that your wig cap slipped back, because you shouldn't be wearing a wig without one.)
This description is clear:

"The laboratory lights are on and the electricity is crackling. Dine with the surgeon, his assistant and their kooky monster at Freakenstonia Castle. The slab is just as hot as the food and the drinks are flowing faster than an I.V. drip in this riveting, entertaining and live-action experience."

The "kooky monster" is not a creation like in Fiends. He is more a mental patient. Don't expect a speedo routine.

But on the website, it is accompanied by a picture of Freakenstein & Igor. I could see how some might think it is something it is not.
Click to view Fright Feast details online.
Party Rocker said:
Thanks for those pictures, the show really seems like a let down, but I do enjoy the food they are serving, should I save the money or should I still go? I was really hoping for Naughty Nurses :(

I cannot recommend this as it is. I'm sure these nurses can be naughty if they want to. I think you caught a glimpse of their ankle at one point.
I think the major issue is, even though the description is clear it is still misleading in the sense, it's a old time tamed version of Fiend, judging by your description and pictures.

Also, with the previous dines here, you would naturally assume this dine would follow suit and be much more Fiends based. I'd imagine, it would also sell better if it were Fiends based as well.

With all that, I do think this gives the area variety yet it stands out and kind of ruins the theme. All of Ireland is themed to classic rock and naughty nurses, etc. If the whole area and the main show is themed to that, then the dine should follow.
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