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Jun 2, 2011
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This is a work in progress...

AB: Anheuser Busch
AB-InBev: Anheuser-Busch InBev
AC: Apollo's Chariot
ACE: American Coaster Enthusiasts
AI: Adventure Island
Alpie: Alpengeist
AP: Annual Pass
AT: Amusement Today

B&M: Bolliger & Mabillard
BEC: Busch Entertainment Corporation (Defunct)
BBW: Big Bad Wolf (Defunct)
BG: Busch Gardens
BGA: The Worlds of Busch Gardens Africa (See BGT)
BGE: The Worlds of Busch Gardens Europe (See BGW)
BGT: Busch Gardens Tampa (See BGA)
BGW: Busch Gardens Williamsburg (See BGE)
Bolt: Verbolten
Bolty: Verbolten
BSG: BlackStone Group
BTR: Batman: The Ride

Caro: Carowinds
CCI: Custom Coasters International
CF: Cedar Fair
CGA: California's Great America
CH: Cheetah Hunt
CM: Cast Member
CP: Cedar Point
CT: Christmas Town
CTC: Cut Throat Cove
CW: Colonial Williamsburg
CW: Canada's Wonderland

DAK: Disney's Animal Kingdom
DC: Discovery Cove
DCA: Disney's California Adventure
DD: Dueling Dragons (Defunct)
DF: Drachen Fire (Defunct)
DHS: Disney's Hollywood Studios (See MGM)
DIU: Dig-It-Up
DK: Curse of DarKastle
DL: Disneyland
DLP: Disneyland Paris
DP: Dorney Park
DW: Dollywood

EfP: Escape from Pompeii
EitA: Europe in the Air
ERT: Exclusive Ride Time
EG: Elitch Gardens
E-Ticket: A large ride/attraction that has a significant draw and likely anchors an area.

FEC: Family Entertainment Center
FL: Fast Lane
FoF: Sesame Street: Forest of Fun
FOF: Flight of Fear
FUN: Cedar Fair (NYSE)
FT: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (See SFFT)

G's: Gravitational Force
GCI: Great Coasters International
GG: The Gravity Group
GL: Geauga Lake
GP: General Public
GR: Guest Relations

Haunt: Halloween Haunt
HHN: Halloween Horror Nights
HoS: Howl-O-Scream
HP: Harry Potter
H:RRR - Hollywood: Rip Ride Rocket

I305: Intimidator 305
IAAPA: International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
IAD: International Amusement Devices
IOA: Islands of Adventure
IOE: Irvine-Ondrey Engineering
Industry: The Themed Amusement Industry
IPO: Initial Public Offering

JCC: James City County

KBF: Knott's Berry Farm
KD: Kings Dominion
KI: Kings Island
KK: Kentucky Kingdom
KK:  Killarney Kommotion
KW: Kennywood

LIM: Linear Induction Motor
LNM: Loch Ness Monster
LotD: Land of the Dragons
LR: LaRonde
LSM: Linear Synchronous Motor
LV: Las Vegas, Nevada

MA: Michigan's Adventure
MCBR: Mid-Course Brake Run
MGR: Merry-Go-Round
MGM: Disney's MGM Studios (See DHS)
MIU: Mix-It-Up
MoA: Mall of America
MK: Magic Kingdom
MT: Mach Tower

NAD: National Amusement Devices
NAPHA: National Amusement Park Historical Association
Nessie: Loch Ness Monster
NL: No Limits
NL2: No Limits 2
NTG: New Texas Giant

OP: Original Post (First post in a thread)
OTS: Off The Shelf
OTS: Over The Shoulder
OTSR: Over The Shoulder Restraints

PF: Park Fan
PFN: ParkFans Network
PKS: Premier Parks (Defunct)
POP: Pay One Price
POV: Point Of View
PR: Public Relations
PTC: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters
PS: Planet Snoopy

QQ: Quick Queue

RC: Roller Coaster
RCCA: Roller Coaster Corporation of America
RCT: RollerCoaster Tycoon (Computer Game)
RCT2: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (Computer Game)
RCT3: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (Computer Game)
RCTW: RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Computer Game)
RMC: Rocky Mountain Construction/Coasters
RoAE: Root of All Evil
Root: Root of All Evil
RPT: Royal Palace Theater
RR: Roman Rapids
RRR: Hollywood: Rid Ride Rocket

SBNO: Standing But Not Operating
SDC: Silver Dollar City
SEAS: SeaWorld Entertainment (NYSE)
SF: Six Flags Theme Parks
SoF: Sesame Street: Safari of Fun
SFA: Six Flags America
SFAW: Six Flags AstroWorld(Defunct)
SFDL: Darien Lake
SFDK: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
SFEG: Six Flags Elitch Gardens (See EG)
SFFT: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (See FF)
SFGAdv: Six Flags Great Adventure
SFGAm: Six Flags Great America
SFHH: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
SFKK: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (See KK)
SFM: Six Flags México
SFMM: Six Flags Magic Mountain
SFNE: Six Flags New England
SFNO: Six Flags New Orleans (Defunt)
SFO: Six Flags Ohio (Defunct)
SFoG: Six Flags Over Georgia
SFoT: Six Flags Over Texas
SFSL: Six Flags Saint Louis
SFWoA: Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (Defunct)
SLC: Suspended Looping Coaster
SOB: Son of Beast
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
SP: Sesame Place
SWCa: SeaWorld California (See SWSD)
SWP&E: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (See SWPE)
SWPE: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (See SWP&E)
SWFL: SeaWorld Florida (See SWO)
SWO: SeaWorld Orlando (See SWFL)
SWSA: SeaWorld San Antonio (See SWTx)
SWSD: SeaWorld San Diego (See SWCa)
SWTx: SeaWorld San Antonio (See SWSA)

TiO: This is Oktoberfest
TM: Team Member
TOGO: Kabushiki-gaisha Tōgo
TOT: Tower of Terror
TR: Trip Report
TTD: Top Thrill Dragster

UOR: Universal Orlando Resort
USF: Universal Studios Florida
USH: Universal Studios Hollywood
USO: Universal Studios Orlando (See UOR)

VB: Virginia Beach
VBolt: Verbolten
VF: Valleyfair

WC: Water Country USA
WCUSA: Water Country USA
WDW: Walt Disney World
WoF: Worlds of Fun
WWHP: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

XSF: SkyFlyer: Xtreme Skyflyer (KD)
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

I am sure there are some blaring/obvious gaps in this list. If I missed any in this list PLEASE post it below. If you feel I have one wrong lets discuss it below.

Also don't make any up that no one else has never used.
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

FoF is also used for Forest of Fun in relation to BGW.

--Shane: Thanks, got it!
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

Anything for Busch Gardens-specific shows? Killarney Kommotion (KK), This is Oktoberfest (TIO), Mix/Dig it Up (MIU/DIU). Don't know if you plan on using those, though.

Some others: :)

EfP - Escape from Pompeii
LotD - Land of the Dragons

--Shane: Thanks, added!
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

RPT - Royal Palace Theater
DK - Curse of DarKastle
WC - Water Country USA
RoAE - Root of All Evil

--Shane: Thanks, added!
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RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

I don't see HHN (Halloween Horrow Nights) for Universal? That one seems to be used fairly often. Also, MCBR (Mid-course brake run). That one confused the heck out of me for the longest time!

--Shane: Thanks, added!
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

Not sure if y'all want to include these?

AI - Adventure Island (Universal Studios Orlando)
IoA - Islands of Adventure (Tampa)
DC - Discovery Cove

Also, does anyone ever use acronyms for the WC rides?
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

You've got those backwards Nic. I actually already had IOA: Universal's Islands of Adventure. I'll add AI and DC though.

Party Rocker, I added "WCUSA" and "WC" for Water Country USA. I feel like we don't talk about Water County in New York on this forum often enough to warrant its addition to the list. If we do it is usually specified which one you are speaking about. I don't think it is referenced enough here to be added.
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

For Six Flags Great Adventure I just use SFGAd. Adding a "v" is redundant since no other Six Flags park has "adventure" in its name. However I do see both used in different coaster and theme park forums.
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

Yeah I am sure there are better abbreviations for certain things but I'm not making a rule book and saying "Everyone must use these!" I'm really just trying to compile what we commonly use here to make it easier for someone new to figure out what the heck we are talking about half the time.

I guess I should clarify, this dictionary is geared specifically to ParkFans, I have other parks/rides listed that come up in conversation as either a comparison or something frequently discussed in the Other Parks boards, but is not an overall amusement industry acronym dictionary. Unless its a commonly used with mike MCBR.
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

CT - Christmas Town
CTC - Cut Throat Cove
RR - Roman Rapids
RMC - Rocky Mountain Construction
TM - Team Member

--Shane: Thanks, added!
RE: Frequently Used Abbreviations/Acronyms

I've seen USO used a lot more than those others when talking about Universal Studios Orlando.

--Shane: Thanks, added!
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