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Um, probably 10 years ago on backwards....I distinctly remember them handing out free bags of chips or pretzels.
I was there 2001 and on and they never handed out free chips or pretzels. Either it was something they did one time for a special promotion or something or it was before the 2000's.
Yes, that's it. Now I remember. It was from 1996 on backwards. I believe they called them "Eagle Snacks". And no, I don't think it was a one time promotion or something. This happened every time I left the park. It wasn't a very big bag, either. Just one of those bags the size you'd pack in a kid's lunchbox.
Yes the park did this a long time ago.

The AB Company tried marketing a line of snacks to go with their beer and it failed. One way of promoting them was to give out free samples as you exited the park. I remember them handing out tiny bags of chips and pretzels. I believe they also gave out small bags of peanuts.

Party Rocker said:
. . . for a special promotion or something or it was before the 2000's.

So I was right it was for a promotion, granted maybe not a one time promotion or a one time for a long extended period promotion.
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Yes, but that bag you have there was not what the bag looked like. It had the usual AB eagle logo on it. Different looking bag & from what I understand, some holding company now has the rights to the brand, but isn't currently making any snacks w/the brand name....yet.

This was the actual logo they used.

Here's a sample of the product they handed out w/the logo on it.
Oh Eagle Brand Hawaiian Kettle Chips... mmmmmmmm. When the park handed out Kettle Chips my dad used to send us back for another go around just to grab another bag. They were amazing!


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I do seem to remember them giving away Peanuts (Honey Roasted if I recall) at the Brewery Tour. That had to be the early 90's, as I was pretty young.
They used to hand out little pretzel bags, and roasted peanut bags. Just enough for us kids to gobble down before passing out in the car for the trip home. Last time I remember that was mid 90s.
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These are the Potato Chips handed out in 1987 with the logo Indy indicated.

Apologies for the photos. These shiny bags are buggers to take photos of without bothersome reflections.

To answer CK before he types it, Yes, we tend to keep quite a bit.


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Is that an offer? If so, it's a big YES from me! I'll PM you my address. Be sure to ship them in enough bubble wrap so that they don't get crushed. :p
Ha! Sorry Joe, I wouldn't feed 27 year old chips to my worst enemy. So, my BGW Fans buds are definitely safe. I offered in jest.

(Tho' I'd swear the bag looks like it glows when you turn the lights off. :shocked: )
I wouldn't mind them, so long as they are not molded and well salted. No joking there. I can deal with a few stale chips.
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