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Grand Carnivale, Haunt, and WinterFest Aficionado
Jul 26, 2014
Not sure if this is happening to everyone, but I am having trouble viewing pictures and embedded posts on the forum. For example, I just posted something in the Grand Carnivale 2020 thread and I could not see the embedded Facebook post at all (shows a blank space) and when I scrolled up to look at one of the earlier pictures in the threat, all I saw was a JPEG file name in place of the pictures.

I would try to post attachments to show what I’m talking about, but since the pictures are the issue, I cannot do that.

I am browsing the forum on my mobile device.
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Mar 16, 2016
When I click my notifications, then click the post that had a reaction or quoted, it doesn’t always take me to that post. This is more a mobile problem than a full browser issue.
Feb 3, 2019
Notifications stopped working for me today. Anyone else?

Checked my settings and it says they're still allowed; just not pushing through.

Maybe I'll try rebooting my device in hopes that it's on my end. Will update afterwards.

*Update: yeah okay it was on my end.*
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