Forum Decorum: Civility and Debate

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forum of cunts
Aug 23, 2017
Well of course. But questioning someone's knowledge isn't how you debate. You instead contribute your argument, and have evidence to disprove someone if they are wrong. Not just "are you sure about that? Are you an expert?"
Asking for sources is completely reasonable in many cases. Take for instance all our rumor threads. Not to say you can’t be an ass about it in other cases though.


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Jan 5, 2018
Frederick, MD
Well yes. It's hard for me to explain, but it's very contextual when people are clearly just being an ass about questioning knowledge and when people are genuinely looking for a source.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Random thought on this....I know we have user names, can have a little thing under there...and this might be more a AP discussion, but what about a spot that constantly shows that you put your 'area of expertise' or what your degree is or something like that.

Like I'll volunteer that mine can say "Golf Pro/Urban Planner"
While I understand the intent, and you are certainly welcome to give yourself any tagline you want, I don’t think we could or should mandate it. Many people here need a certain level of anonymity for a variety of reasons.

I do not think that is necessary, as I'm a huge advocate against the "argument of authority", and I feel that feature would breed the "oh you're just a golf expert you don't know what you're taking about" type arguments.

In theory it's a great idea, but people will misuse it.
There is a difference between the rhetorical appeal to authority and citing your expertise. The former is a cheap trick designed to persuade. The latter is a way of establishing your credentials on a specific topic.

There is a common belief, I have observed, that everyone has equally valid views on every subject. In my opinion, that is simply untrue. If someone has a degree in a specific subject or many years working in a particular field, they most likely have a depth of expertise that a layman lacks. Measurable data, established facts, demonstrated experience, and real research simply should carry more weight than feelings, despite current cultural norms to the contrary.

(That last paragraph was addressed to everyone in general, not to anyone I quoted above.)
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Sep 23, 2009
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Zachary's Randomly Ranked Rules for Reasonable & Respectful Retorts:
  • Always assume the other party is more clever (and way better looking) than you. There may not be an actual disagreement at the root of the conflict—they may have just looked at the data in a way you never thought of.
  • Try to look at the other party's perspective from every angle imaginable—giving them every possible benefit of the doubt along the way. If there's a scenario in which there isn't a conflict, opt to accept that one and move on because, more than likely, you aren't the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer and everyone else saw it that way from the start.
  • Avoid arguing over opinions at all costs. Instead, state your perspective with all of the data and analysis to back it you can muster—preferably never addressing the other viewpoint at all.
  • If the point of disagreement is not core to the other party's argument, don't take issue with it at all as you'll likely just look like an asshat at the end of the day.
  • If the point of disagreement is not core to the overall discussion at hand, don't take issue with it in said discussion because Zachary will get fucking pissed move your post to Pointless Discussions.
  • Always assume the other party is a well-respected expert in the field in question. Talking down to anyone about something they may already understand (read: mansplaining) will make you look like a total douche canoe and everyone will hate you forever.


forum of cunts
Aug 23, 2017
we've had a good streak going the last couple weeks with everything being very civil. With the recent thread on the 4th of July storm, I think that it shows why people get rude. When a thread seems to move in circles with very little progress on a topic, people seem to get upset and start with the name calling. In this particular case the people annoyed don't even seem to be the folks who are leaving the on topic posts.

I think what it comes down to is that even if you're done with a conversation, others might be content to sit and repeat very similar things over and over. Sure it might be boring to read, but sometimes you just gotta let it happen. This forum has all kinds of different people, who think very differently. If the conversation isn't that interesting to you, that doesn't mean that it is the same for others.

Lastly, and kinda on another train of thought, this is a forum with the majority of folks being from VA with KD or BGW as their home park. While there are always things that they could do better, if most of your posts are critical of the park, it's bound to cause some elbow knocking. Sure there might be many ways the park could improve, but given how passionate many folks here are about their parks, I don't think it's a stretch to say that a dig on the park is taken a bit personal by some; because many of us see BGW or KD as one of the biggest sources of joy in our lives past or present.
Mar 16, 2016
So I wasn't sure which thread I should post this in, but the conversation in the politics thread made me feel as though I needed to comment a bit.

Some posts in that thread have hit the absurd of the absurd. Yes we all have different views. I don't think that I ever expected all of us to view things like politics through all the same lends. But I'm seeing a pattern through all 'discussions' on here that to me is troublesome; and the issue is it extends past just

That pattern to me is that when a discussion gets heated, and someone makes the comment that it's time to cool off the discussion and it's hit that point, the blame goes to everyone else. I know this is a just personal take, but it's hard or me to put stock in the person that says everything is someone else's fault. I'll gain so much respect for people who just step up, admit they are part of the problem going on, and vow to stop the behavior.

But the problem is the antagonistic, I'm right you aren't attitude tends to carry through everywhere. And frankly it's annoying. Want to make comments about BGWFans not being invited because of threads like politics thread? How about not throwing these fits of everyone else started it that last for 2-3 pages and just moving on. I gather through reading the issue is that we're critical of BGW, but I'll go an extra step that when someone posts a criticism, and there's a counter point, spending the next 2 pages going on an on calling people things and comparing BGW to everyone under the sun doesn't help.

It's why many times, there's posts of mine where I disagree that say "That's fair enough", "Good point", or "Touche". That's my way of saying you made a great point, and I'm moving on to something else. I honestly don't see enough of that in the world today. I think if we all made an effort to move into this concept of letting someones counterpoint sit out there and not always have to have the last word is ok.
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