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Aug 25, 2012
Looks like they are celebrating FOF's birthday also. Here is the description front he website:

Join us at Busch Gardens When Sesame Street forest of fun turns five this April.
Guests are invited to join Elmo and his friends April 4,5, and 6 for a special Birthday celebration At sesame street forest of fun. A special show, Elmo rocks!, will perform daily in the teatro di San Marco theater all weekend long!

Great... I'm scared to see Elmo Rock! At least it's only for a weekend. :s
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I'm afraid if they decorate the theater. If they do, I will completely walk around Italy!
I will be sure to try my best to be there and get a video recording of the show. Keyword being try. I am still trying to work only some video recoding skills and some microphone issues.
For the record, this show plays at some of the other Busch parks as well, so it's nothing new. There's a very high chance this will be the exact same as the version they play at Sesame Place and the other parks.
Just out of curiosity, what shows are you referring to exactly. As far as I would think, each park has their own Sesame Street section with a show already. Are you saying some have more than one different show? Obviously Sesame Place does.

I don't think anyone is saying it is a new concept for the company but a new concept for our park in specific because you are applying a conflicting theme to an already themed area (Elmo in Italy) and there is little to no chance that the themes will match (Italian Elmo).

For those who hold theme to be important and the reduction of making the park overly-kidsiderate, it can be an issue. I will not go into the degree of importance for theme, but you catch my drift I'm sure.
I'd much rather this money go to a celebration for AC, but that wouldn't make sense in our marketing department, now would it?:mad:
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If you got the calendar it said "Come and check out our new shops in Italy!"( Not sure if that is exactly what they said) I wonder if it will have any relation to the show maybe some Elmo merchandise.
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