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I would love to have an Indian kiosk. Considering that I thought Indian cuisine has been on the back burner for a while now, I am actually surprised that they put it in a poll. A Virginia kiosk would not have been my first suggestion, but now that I think of it, they could have a few good menu items.

Just watch them confuse Hawaiian and Caribbean. They could either do that with the food, or take the current Caribbean booth, and tad-ah! You have a Hawaiian booth with a few changes.

Overall, I think they are all good options, although I think the vegetarian option might be a waste of space. Mind you, I am not trying to say that vegetarians shouldn't have anything, but they already have vegetarian items at most stands. Just add a few more options, and that would eliminate the need for an entire kiosk that could be devoted to a new and exciting type of cuisine.

I would like to see the entertainment department do a little bit more with representing each culture. I do think it's interesting to have someone representing each culture, but I think one person is usually not enough. You could entertain a whole slew of people without too much effort. Maybe they could have some live music from the areas represented using native instruments, Etc. Also, for those that don't like live music, they could be on a schedule. It sounds like a win-win situation to me.
Really? Local Virginia? Why??????

Argentina: 33
Vegetarian: 16
Local Virginia: 83
Hawaiian: 73
Indian: 45
I could see crab cakes at a Maryland one but being from Maryland i couldn't justify that there should EVER be a stand for it lol. I just cant see a state themed stand except for in the case of Hawaii (in which it could be also considered ethnic if they are true to native Hawaiian cuisine.) I kinda see a local virginia stand as an easy way out. Then they do not have to go through that much to make it stand out. I just cant see it having a draw for a crowd. Like oh wow, Sauerbraten,Bombay Prawn, and Saimin, and then have something like BBQ. It doesn't add up to me but hey i could be wrong.
Argentina: 45
Vegetarian: 21
Local Virginia: 114
Hawaiian: 120
Indian: 59

So, I wonder if the new booth will replace one of the current cuisines.
FYI: from Facebook posting:

"We're happy to announce that we will not have one, but TWO new kiosks during our Food & Wine Festival in 2016. The top two fan-favorites, Local Virginia and Hawaiian, will be BOTH added to the 2016 lineup. Thank you to everyone who voted."

Hawaiian anything is awesome, but local VA? hmmm.. I have enough VA now.
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