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Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
Just want to highlight that, for the first time ever, @Nicole wrote up individual, bite-sized reviews of every individual item. These reviews are always an absolutely enormous undertaking for Nicole and I, but this year's was even more ambitious than in the past. Hope you all enjoy it!

Oh, and if you do enjoy it, consider helping it along with some engagement on social media. These articles always underperform in that regard. 🙁

Great Job!! Can't wait to try everything Sunday!!
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Nov 24, 2009
Here are my thoughts on this years F&W......its a lifeless event. And why does every booth I go to on Fridays always not have at least one item
“yet” today?
Also best item to use the member rewards….Lamb from Australia. Delicious and it’s $10!
Oh and one more thing to add…..is it too much to ask that the park dry off the seats and tables in the morning after rain?
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Nov 24, 2009
Even the booths that open dont have everything. Today Australia didnt have the sausages yet and that was after 11am.
Oct 23, 2019
We got the tea from there, my daughter loved it. I thought it was good but I don't have any thing to compare it to
Feb 21, 2021
BBB30381-9F08-4236-8DE0-C031A79F7B6C.jpeg99415BA5-B589-4D9C-BCAB-ED225FDAF993.jpegE5DDD84E-269D-41A1-8E5E-1B8D98A70204.jpeg8C8379BB-C92A-448B-A763-FE0964B6635B.jpeg71BFCFCA-A591-4D5E-8DF8-3610EF4C11CD.jpeg7E61EF48-2C7A-41F8-9D4D-666E0BD84B6F.jpeg This was by far the most impressive year for the food and wine festival. I just got back from Williamsburg today and I was at the park yesterday and Thursday and got to every single Food booth. I’m currently 20 so I wasn’t able to get any beverages that include alcohol in them but I was able to try and array of food items. I am gonna be giving you a review of every item that I tried from the food and went festival this year in a form of a ranking beginning from worst to best.

27. Lamington Cake Australia: This is one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. This cake was absolutely disgusting. First of all this cake was like a 1 pound box of chocolate with coconut all over the place so I thought it looked delicious then when I took a bite of it it was this fake piece of white bread taste in cake filled with this messy and disgusting raspberry jelly inside that got all over myself. So after taking like two bites I just went ahead and threw it away and I pretty much spent everything out and washed it down with ginger beer which I will get to later in this post.

26. Ginger Limeade Jamaica: this literally tasted like pure acid. Yes I tasted some ginger but it didn’t taste like fresh ginger instead it tasted like powdered ginger and there was little to no sweeteners at all.

25. Banana Milk South Korea: Last year this was one of the best drinks at the event however this year was such a bad year for this amazing drink. The milk literally taste like spoiled milk left open for several weeks and I didn’t even taste any vanilla or banana flavoring in the milk and the chocolate edible straw which was new this year barely tastes like chocolate at all.

24. Spam Musubi Hawai: This is the only time I ever had spam in my life and I actually loved it. The reason why is rank this low is because the rice on the bottom was undercooked and hard. If they would cook the rice perfectly then it wouldn’t be that bad.

23. Beef Taco Mexico: Very lack of flavor from the beef and toppings we’re just mediocre and nothing really that special to the way I eat tacos.

22. Honey cinnamon donuts. I cannot Spell the name of them. Greace: I wish that baklava was replaced instead of this weird donut thing. Literally fried dough covered in simple syrup that claims to be honey tossed in cinnamon. Overly sweet full of calories and it felt like my arteries were clogged. It’s good but it’s just one of the most unhealthy things someone has ever made and I know it because it obviously for me to tell what these are.

21. Lamb Burger slider Greace: not really a fan yes I honestly think it’s so weird. This weird feta cheese spread with tomatoes and a lamb patty on pita bread just does not make a good traditional Greek sandwich. I would love this to be replaced with Gyros. At least the side of Orozo was good. The Tazeki sauce was amazing though.

20. Dolmas Greace: Once again we’re in Greece and this time we’re gonna be talking about the stuffed grape leaves. They’re really good but I am 90% sure they did not make them. All they did was go to a grocery store buy like a 20 pack of them and served it with Tazeki. Even though they’re good it’s not the best because they literally put no effort into this at all.

19. Cafe Latte Greace: I’m not really a fan of these kinds of drinks but the way Busch Gardens Williamsburg makes them text The signature Greek beverage to a whole new level. Full of flavor and sweetness just to the right amount of my taste without the need of adding anything to it. Starbucks really needs to sell these nationwide.

18. Horchata Mexico: If Taco Bell and chipotle sold Horchata this would be it. Basically cinnamon flavored milk. Very flavorful and addicting as well.

17. Strawberry Lemonade Virginia: This will remain the best strawberry lemonade I have ever had in my life ever since I first had this years ago. Unfortunately they out of straws at the Virginia booth and they put the strawberries on top instead of on the bottom.

16. Bacon Cheddar Hushpuppies Virginia: I love how there’s real bacon but not really much cheese in there. Very flavorful and the butter that they serve it with was amazing.

15. Sun-dried tomato Alfredo Italy: Very authentic and flavorful pasta but the addition of spinach and olives made a little weird and sour for me.

14. Firecracker shrimp taco Mexico: I honestly do not know how Busch Gardens founded the way to destroy Bonefish Grill’s signature bang bang shrimp tacos but they did and I love it.

13. Brazilian steak with chimichurri sauce Brazil:
This tastes like the real thing. This taste identical to the way the Brazilian steakhouse is make it. And the chimichurri sauce is the best version of it I’ve ever had.

12. Ginger Beer Australia: Hands-down the best ginger beer I have ever had and I have had hundreds and hundreds of versions of this drink and this is easily the best one I had. Real ginger real flavoring real everything and authentic. It made me cry every second I had because it literally brought back memories to with my dad used to be a bartender and made Moscow Mule‘s and now I got to taste the special moment just from having this ginger beer at a theme park F&W event.

11. Tuna Poke Hawaii: Marinated raw tuna stuffed inside of a cute little wonton cup with creamy flavorful wasabi served with the best seaweed salad I’ve ever had in my life. Quadruple Yumoo.

10. Frozen Brazilian lemonade Brazil: The real lemonade and coconut milk concoction blended and froze it into a nice refreshing summer drink just makes my taste buds feel like I’m in paradise. I love how they give you the tropical smoothie cafe limited edition lime straw with that as well to make the experience more memorable.

9. Caprese salad Italy: When anything has pesto and balsamic reduction on a salad you know it’s always gonna be so good. Caprese salad is always one of the best salads I’ve ever had in my life and those two sauces on top just make this Caprese the best version of the dish.

8. Hibiscus lemonade Hawaii: This dream has always been living every single year at the food and wine Festival and I always said that this was the best drink of the entire event until the newer drink releases which I’ll get to later. It’s such a unique kind of lemonade unfortunately they did not put the signature umbrella topping on there instead just put a lemon on top but still it’s amazing and it will always remain one of the best items at the food and wine festival.

7. Pineapple upside down cake Jamaica: One of the best versions of the popular Caribbean cake is full of rum flavor stuffed with fresh pineapple and cherry and the cake is just full of flavor and I wish I had multiple of these.

6. Oyster on the half shell Virginia: Out of all the dishes that I tried at this year‘s event this was by far the most surprising of them all. I never would’ve that these oysters tasted straight out of the Chesapeake Bay and were that fresh. And also this sour berry sauce that you put on top of it was so good and that just made the oyster even better. I wish there was more oysters on the plate because it was that good.

5. Bubble Tea Japan: This was nowhere near as good as the previous years but it was still absolutely amazing. I love the authentic bubble tea flavors but I really do not like how there is strawberry popping bubbles instead of actual Boba. Also the paper straws made it seem very difficult and not as tasty as regular straws would be.

4. Gamba Fritters Jamaica: This always remains One of the best things I’ve ever had but unfortunately for the first time ever this is not the best food item of the entire event. I love the mix of cornbread shrimp peppers and a flavorful dipping sauce all combined into one. It remains one of the most memorable and most flavorful dishes of the entire event and I pray to God that they do not get rid of little things at all.

3. Mochi ice cream Japan: This is by far the greatest ice cream I have ever had in my life. This really flavorful and delicious green tea ice cream topped with this soy ginger glaze sauce that actually tasted really gooThis is by far the greatest ice cream I have ever had in my life. This really flavorful and delicious green tea ice cream topped with this soy ginger glaze sauce Which at first may seem absolutely disgusting and illegal for something like that to ever happened to ice cream but no it actually made it to star of this dish and the sesame cookie on top was one of the best cookies I have ever had in my life despite its weirdness of texture and flavor.

2. Lamb Chop Australia: The effort made into this meat is on the level of Bobby flay competing with other chefs in the Food Network series beat Bobby Flay. The marinade the seasoning and the spicy flavorful tangy and dazzling sauce on top of it just makes this little piece of meat magical.

1. Jamaican Patty Jamaica:
My highly anticipated food itam at this year’s food and whine festival absolutely delivered. This is basically an empanada stuffed with beef served with a nice dipping sauce but man this was so good. The portion size was perfect the texture of everything was perfect the flavors were right on and don’t get me started on the dipping sauce. That is by far one of the best sauces I have ever had in my whole entire life and this all new food item from Jamaica is not anything to be missed out on.

So that includes my brief review of everything that I tried at the food and wine festival this year and like I said earlier, this is the best year that they have ever done for it. I had such a great time trying all these new and returning delicious food items at the worlds most beautiful theme park. These reviews and rankings all come from my own personal experiences with the event and it is my own opinion for me to share this out. What are your thoughts on the food and wine festival and what did you try there at the event this year? Please leave your thoughts and comments down below. Thank you for viewing.


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The first entry in this thread is a WikiPost. As such, it can be edited by anyone with the appropriate permissions.
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