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Super awesomeness ?
Oct 29, 2016
Any guesses on any kiosks will be replaced with new ones? Still hoping for an Australian kiosk.
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I had a striking dream about Food & Wine last night, and I'm still coming to terms with it.

It involved Busch Gardens becoming obsessed with "Farm to Table" I guess. BGW was growing vegetables in their planters, which we had to pick ourselves and bring to the booths for them to cook. And then the dishes were like, the size of a quarter, but you could keep doing it as much as you wanted.

Hopefully I've not had divinations of the future. This wouldn't bode well for anything with meat ??


Sep 23, 2009
Pulling this from another thread...

2. This year during food and wine there will be a throwback kiosk that will have a menu that changes each weekend. The menu will be items from food and wine kiosks that are no longer at the park.

If this happens, first off, thank god. BGWFans literally requested a throwback kiosk for 2020 in last year’s F&WF review and I honestly think it’s a brilliant idea.

Furthermore, if the dishes rotate weekly... That’s a goddamn dream come true. Being able to have something new to try every week would be a game changer to my F&W experience and would almost certainly cause my visitation to increase during the festival.


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Sep 24, 2018
Just to add to it. I misspoke slightly some of the menu items could also be items from kiosks that still exist but the item was discounted.

The gist of it is that it will feature discontinued food items that change each week.
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Apr 7, 2018
I’m thinking Food and Wine might not happen as that requires a lot of prep work that can’t happen.
Feb 8, 2019
This is always our favorite time to visit every year. Could spend all day in the park and not ride anything!


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I think I may be past denial and into acceptance on Food & Wine not happening this year.

That stinks, because I really look forward to hanging out with the BGWFans crew, tasting and reviewing everything (even if we weren't doing the Emoji Review this year). It a fun time of high passions and great camaraderie.

Guess I'll start looking forward to 2021...
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Sep 24, 2018
I think it's genuinely possible that food and wine cold get rescheduled and take the place of say BierFest. BF isn't a large scale event. If anything the two could just run together. Or they just push it back and do it weekends during Summer Nights. I think that BGW will look to make it happen because it is a big money maker and they will need to make as much as possible when all this is over
Apr 16, 2017
Well yes, when the world isn't shutdown for a significant time frame normally. But in this case, it can't be a big issue.

It can't be any more confusing than when BGW had several different concert series running on top of each other. I remember seeing advertisements for Sock Hop Nights and Brews & BBQ and Glory at the Gardens. All rather separate events, but all mixed in together.


May 22, 2010
Virginia Beach
I was speaking only generally.

I don't have the answer for this specific case. But I think some of the booths might do double duty through the year normally? I'm not sure, I don't pay attention to Bier fest, and what's reused and what isn't.

Honestly in the case it could be one of those if they overlapped this year, and next year they didn't, people who don't frequent the parks like we do, can wonder "why isn't there way more food at Bier fest like last year" or "why isn't there more beer options for f&w like last year".

While the two events are rather similar and could easily be combined, I think they would end up having to reduce the amount one event has for the sake of the other.

But this is all just guess work. I don't have the answers.


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Feb 3, 2019
I mean; is there really that much different between bierfest and the beers on offer during f&w?

No; no, there isn't.
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