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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Kings Dominion Dining Locations said:
Pepe's Tex Mex Americano

New in 2015 with a menu designed by our Executive Chef and located right next to Surfer Joes in Soak City. Serving up Fish Tacos, Loaded Street Nachos, Supreme Tacos, Cold Southwestern Chicken Wraps with Avocado Ranch Dressing, all served with Tri Color Tortilla Chips. Churro Cupcakes and Mexican Funnel Cake, Pair your meal with some Mexican Beers or a refreshing Coca-Cola beverages!
RE: Pepe's Tex Mex Americana


I'd love to delete your post and warn you, but I don't think it really qualifies as intolerance. Instead I'll just call you out for it here.
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RE: Pepe's Tex Mex Americana

Ooooo can't wait to try this!
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RE: Pepe's Tex Mex Americana

Cocaine comes from Colombia and they don't make tacos there.

However I am curious if they will have bartenders dressed in luchador masks who will pour shots of tequila down your throat straight from the bottle. If so, I'm totally there.
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RE: Pepe's Tex Mex Americana


I suppose the mask is optional but the whistle is totally necessary.
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