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This is one of my favorite flats actually. My easily dizzied aunt says it is her favorite as well. She and I both agree the smoothness, speed, and sensation really combine to make a good, relaxing ride. It fits the theme well too.
Does anybody know the duration for the run time of The Flying Machine? Has it changed over the past year or so to be shorter?

It seems like as soon as it is up to full speed at its highest point, you only get about two seconds before it starts to slow and lower back down to the ground.
It is much longer than two seconds, but not by much. :p We rode this yesterday and it felt to be the same duration as all the other times I've ridden it. As shown in the video above, it is probably about that long. The longest part of the ride is locking and unlocking the cars. They should have two people doing it like Le catapult.
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