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Hmm, I went for the first time at the ECB and saw aliens. I thought it was cool. I was really disappointed that there was nothing inside going on except a light.
Yeah from when I went I went in April there was music playing also but none of that anymore since I went a few days ago. And yeah I meant at ECB they had aliens in them. Sorry for the confusion there. :)
It's good to know KD can make subtle updates to their rides themeing in order to keep things fresh, instead of going full boar and overhauling the entire ride (I'm looking at you Six Flags...).
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It seems that our FoF is not well 100% our FoF. Look in this video below towards the end with a keen eye.
It seems that the second half of the corkscrew is a different coaster. Now it has to be another FoF clone for the piece to fit in place and it isn't a new piece because they would have painted it black.
But it seems that we have some pieces of track from Mad Cobra that was in Suzuka, Mie, Japan.
Nice eye Evan, it's incredibly hard to spot something like this especially when there's only one or two videos actually showing it. You can see glimpses of it throughout the ride, but you get the best look at 0:53.

I heard about FoF having fracturing issues over the years due to the stress, but I had no idea they replaced parts of the ride with pieces of another coaster. So far it looks like it's only one or two pieces, but I can't help but think that there's more that were repainted before being put in...

I wonder if Kings Island's Flight of Fear also uses some of the pieces from Mad Cobra...
I rode this yesterday and I'm disappointed by the changes since I've last been. There are way more lights in the building so it losses the disorientation affect. Also, there are no longer humans in the tubes, but aliens from haunt. Very lame.
Zachary said:
But, more importantly, the seatbelts are gone so that's a major plus.

Really?! I am surprised KD was able to rid themselves of the belts.
Pretzel and I were both pretty sure they were but a little bit ago Atlantis said that they were there on Friday so, to be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% sure. I definitely don't remember them from yesterday though...

If anyone is going soon and rides Flight of Fear, please report back.
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Yeah, what Shane said. The belts were definitely there on Sunday but the belts for Backlot were no longer there.
I wish this ride still had more of the themeing it had years ago. I don't remember it that well because I was still kinda young but I remember there being a video that explained the story and it used to be much darker during the ride that you basically couldn't see anything the entire time. I still enjoy the ride but it seems to be going the same direction as Cedar Point's Disaster Transport.
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I was able to ride two times today and wow, I just love this ride so much! I will also make the final confirmation that there is till seat belts.

Also I will say that it seems that the hangar area is now much darker and all of the flashing lights are now working, along with the tv. They also turned on some heavy beat music later on in the day inside the hangar.

There is also more, much brighter led lights sitting on the floor inside of the spaghetti bowl making it a much brighter ride. You can now see clearly where and what you're doing.

Forgive me for these awful quality pictures, but I have two photos of the tunnel lights and a picture of the inside of the spaghetti bowl.


Probably my favorite part of FoF wasn't so much the ride, but all the screams from people (mostly girls) who'd never been on the ride before watching the train scream straight out of the station. And if anyone who's been on the ride before knows, you don't really see the queue to line up for each row of cars almost right up until you're on the ride itself. :) Muhahahahaha!!
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I rode this the year it opened. Waited an hour and a half, my cousin and I did. Rode it once and I was DONE! My head felt like a ping pong ball in the over the head restraint. Had the WORST headache ever. Then we went on it 3 years later.. thinking that well over the years it would have gotten better.. NOT! Glad they replaced those with just a lap bar.
FoF is one of my favorite coasters. I just wish they didn't add more floor lights in the spaghetti bowl area.

I can't imagine the pain my head would have been in from those lap bars. Premiers smartest decision ever was the removal of those on all their rides.
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