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Possibly the 1-millionth Pantheon thread viewer.
Advisory Panel
Feb 3, 2019
How's SheiKra on the list and not Griffon? I think they probably should have just limited it to one diver and Yukon holds the current title for divers.. at least that was on the list..
Aug 23, 2017
I believe that's how BGT is referring to Gwazi².
Yeah, that should be iron horse track though so it will be well within that classification.

The way I see it, topper track is a straight up rail vs steel ribbons on wood rails. Because of this I am happy with them being called hybrids or steel coasters but wood is disingenuous. While some are smoother than others (wildfire rides like glass), I feel like they ride closer to steel in general. Show me a topper track coaster that can jackhammer and we’ll talk.
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