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Hitting Kings Island for the first time ever Monday and Tuesday! I do not anticipate the park being too busy but it does have 10pm closes (looks awkwardly at an amusement park 20 minutes away with none of that this summer but with "Kings" in their name). Any notes for KI on summer weekdays or tips to really enjoy the park food and taking in the atmosphere wise? Not sure if I am going to bother with Soak City especially if I am hitting Splashin Safari on the Sunday before I can just imagine Soak City being hilariously underwhelming.

Really looking forward to Mystic Timbers, the Beast, and their trio of B&Ms. I am thinking about making my snap/insta stories start off like I am confused by the similarities to Kings Dominion at first or make it seem like I am there first for entertainment purposes "oh hey Flight of Fear, nice new theming elements out front, let's check on my buddy Dale............Dale? When did you turn blue...........and why are you named after a constellation now?" Idk I like being goofy with those. I can't wait to see how it compares to Kings Dominion, it seems to me like it's if Kings Dominion and Carowinds had a baby but with super Grizzly and a GOAT GCI.
Mar 8, 2022
Martinsburg, WV
Skyline Chili
Yaknow, I had really distanced myself from getting Skyline Chili in the past 6 years or so because it just didn't seem the same.... I thought maybe it just wasn't as good as I remember it but last year I actually decided to stop a Skyline Chili outside of the park and I suddenly remembered what I was missing. In my experience the Skyline Chili in the park just isn't the same anymore.... YMMV
Mar 8, 2021
I definitely recommend picking up the book Kings Island: A Ride Through Time while you are there. It's the first-ever Kings Island history book, featuring interviews with 41 of the park's key executives over the years. You'll love it.
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