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Jul 5, 2017
I'm heading to Florida in late August the weekend before Labor Day. I plan to spend 8/29 (a partial day since its when my flight arrives) and 8/31 at SWO. I assume I will have minimal issues getting the most out of the park with a day and a half (though 8/31 it closes at 6pm rather annoyingly). It sounds like the rides don't necessarily get long lines? Would that be different on 8/29 since it's a Sunday? Any intel to know before going to SWO would be appreciated. I already expect Ice Breaker to still be closed unfortunately (and Iron Gwazi as I am also hitting BGT on this trip for the first time ever ugh seas shareholders and their wealth concerns).

I just went to the San Antonio SeaWorld on 6/30 which was my first SeaWorld park experience itself which I greatly enjoyed it! I am eager to see how the parks compare! Can't wait for Mako, Manta, and Kraken! (........and VelociCoaster and Hagrids on 8/30!!)
Mar 17, 2020
My advice:

Hit Manta at open, as that gets the longest lines. If Mako is open at park open, do (1) Manta, (2) Mako, and (3) Kraken, otherwise hit Kraken and then Mako.

Hit Cheetah at park open. They have only been running 1 station lately, and lines get long (60+ minutes) FAST. From there, do Cobra and Montu. Then head across the park\, passing Gwazi, to do Skeikra, Tigris, and then Kumba. Follow that up with Falcon's Fury, and then Sand Serpent and Scorpion as old school rides.


Silver Donor
Mar 26, 2011
Hey! We will be there the week before you. I went ahead and grabbed one Silver season pass (for the parking, photo key and discounts) and fun cards for everybody else with the sale that just started. We plan on stopping by Sunday night on the 22nd after Medieval Times and then a whole day on Friday the 27th. We're doing Universal that week, with a trip to Magic Kingdom for Boo Bash that Tuesday.

I'm super excited just to go to SeaWorld to see the animals. I've never been.
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