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Jul 10, 2011
Knoebels...what an "awesome experience".

Black Diamond - I didn't really know what to expect going into this ride, but it was very enjoyable. Overall is was very fun and I was impressed with the amount of effects and animatronics.

Twister - A solid, solid coaster with a unique layout and some intense turns. I like how this coaster was designed and built in-house. Not many parks can say that...

Phoenix - WOW! Words honestly can't describe this experience. One of the best coasters ever built, and only 72 feet tall. ACE Landmark.

Haunted Mansion - WOW! I didn't expect one of the oldest looking rides I have ever seen to be so much fun! Literally one of the best dark rides I have ever been on. We were repetitively scared by various "things". A must ride, even with an up-charge.

Cosmotron - A very rare indoor Hialaya-style ride that is a lot of fun. Did I mention it goes backwards!?

Flyers - Closed. :(

Food - Amazing...we tried a little bit of everything; cheesesteak, hamburger, mac & cheese bites, fries, pierogi's, and pizza. The pizza and white birch beer stood out the most. I discovered white birch beer here...and then re-united with it at Hersheypark.
Now I'm having Knoebels withdrawal again....

Glad you had fun though. Did you get a look at Flying Turns? It looks fantastic in person.
Flying Turns looks absolutely amazing...



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