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Feb 9, 2013
What was your first BGW roller coaster that you have ever ridden, and would you like to share a story about it? well go ahead in this thread.

Here's mine:

Obviously like many people here it was BBW(R.I.P.), I went in line the queue was full like most of the time. And then I got to the station, and I started to reject going on the ride. But my Aunt still got me on it. I remember closing my eyes and glimpsing to see the village every now and then. So I got off the ride and met my Mom at the exit, and I told both of them that I never wanted to go on it again, They said "sure you won't." Then after that season went by it was Christmas, and I was opening my present from my favorite Aunt(yes the one that took me on every first ride of my life except Verbolten, and she took me to BGW a lot), so I unwrapped my present it was substantially small. took the tissue paper of and there was this square piece of paper that said "Busch Entertainment inc." on it with a bunch of rides from the parks that it owned in the background. I screamed with joy! I flipped it over, and it had a bunch of writing on the back of it with my name, but then I looked in the top right corner and saw the word "Silver," then I screamed again.(for those of you who don't know what a silver pass is, it is what now is a 1 year 1-park pass) Before that day all I had was a Season pass(This was before Fun Cards) that only allowed me to go during the Summer time. So I made an executive decision, and decided that my Aunt and I would go on opening day(this was before Pass member preview day). So we went that Saturday of March 24th, and in exchange of her taking me I said that I would try BBW again. So we got there and went in line for BBW, and as usual like many coasters on opening day it broke down. So we got out of line, and sat on the benches where you could see the train depart the station, and we watched them test it until it opened again. So we got in line, and guess what happened, it broke down. Then we got out of line and watched it test again, because I wanted to. Then it opened and we got back in line, and it broke down, My Aunt was over it and said we could come back later, but I said "no I really want to ride it!" So we watched it test, and got back in line, and I finally got to ride it. I loved it, and I rode it until the day it was put to rest. I'll miss that ride forever, and I will always remember that crash of breaks and the screams of going at "the speed of fright" down to the Rhine river. R.I.P.
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Mine was Nessie. I was nearly peeing my pants through the entire line. We got in a car in the middle and we started off. I was nearly in tears going up the lift and I was saying in my mind that I hope it breaks down (it didn't :() We crested the little hill and I was panicking. We turned and went down the first hill and I held my had back and was preparing for the worst. We went down the hill and I didn't scream because the wind kept my mouth shut. After we started going up the hill after the drop I calmed down, then I remembered that there was a loop next. I held on for dear life as we went down their hill and into the loop. I found out after that terror that the ride was fun. We rode it six times after that. One was in the front at night alone, right before the park closed we got in line. We were the latest people to ride it that day.
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