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Jun 6, 2013
I was at the park with the family today and my 2 year old son tripped while walking and busted his head open (4 staples at the MD Express). All the staff were very professional and kind. They really care about helping. The nurse even gave him a new Busch Gardens shirt since his was bloody. Not the experience we were going for today, but lots of appreciation to the park!
Sorry to hear about ypur son. Where did it happen? My daughter skinned her knee really bad a couple of years ago and they were great. The park does seem to employ excellent quality medical personnel.
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Hope your son feels better soon, & the EMT'S and the nurses in First Aide are very carrying. Plus, a new BGW tee to boot
One of the medics actually mentioned that most are off duty firemen/EMT. He's doing pretty good, just hard keeping two boys calm now.

It was on the path right in front of The Battering Ram. Funny how things happen when you least expect. Just walking holding mom's hand, not when running or climbing on that crazy concrete stream in Sesame.
Glad your son is going to be ok. I've never really been hurt at the park hut I agree their first aid staff is top notch and they all know what they are doing. If I get correctly BGW only hires certified EMTs for first aid.
That area is the same area where my daughter fell on the slight downhill in front of the battering ram. Glad he will be all right. I saw a kid really fall hard in front of the gliders today too.
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they were great when I nearly passed out from de-hydration many moons ago. More recently I wandered in because I had a brain splitting migrain and forgot my excedrine. They gave me something and let me relax in the dark with a cool rag until it subsided. To be honest I think they get bored and are happy for the company.
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