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Aug 18, 2012
Just saw a post on facebook by BGW that they will be running fireworks Saturdays Aug 6th thru Sept 3. I am sure the little birdies will say different, but it is apparent to me that park attendance is down (particularly on friday night when I go), or a last minute attempt to ease complaints. I must admit (and I never thought I would say this), but we are members of KD and BGW, and without a night time event, have been frequenting KD more often due to its proximity.

Whatever the case, they are back for a limited time
I had a feeling that the park had a "doomsday" plan for if/when attendance plummets for whatever reason. I think fireworks sound like a good plan. Too bad it's only on Saturday's though.
my understanding is that the Fireworks are a real pain for the park staff, clean up is a real chore.
I've never thought about that aside from the technicians to be honest. Do you mean from fallout (debris)? I guess I've never payed much attention to how much actually lands on the pathways. That's probably as annoying to clean up as the confetti "ash" on Demon Street.
The New Illuminights? (Summer Firework Spectacular)

So I just noticed this

And I've been told they're using reusing a lot of Illuminights stuff for it.
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Livid is not even the word. SSN was supposed to be dead(er) than Illuminights, aside from the fourth of July.They probably already purchased the supplies that they need, but I wonder how hard it would be to revert back to the Illuminights programming, assuming they have the supplies to do so.
Fur Dozy said:
IT could be a matter of the fireworks being packaged for a certain sound track. I have noticed that they are more or less synced to the music.

That's a very good point. Did anyone see if they were synchronized or not? If so, we could be stuck with the Star Spangled Nights soundtrack. I think it would be cool if they could test which display the general population prefers by showing the Illuminights display this weekend. Naturally, reactions can also be affected by climate, for better or for worse.
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