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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Screamscape said:
???? - The Next Coaster - Rumor - (3/7/13) I’ve got to wonder if this is just wishful thinking at this point, but early rumors suggest that Dollywood may have already tapped the crew at Rocky Mountain Coasters to build their next ride much sooner than you would think. So far they have been impressed with their work over at Silver Dollar City on Outlaw Run. Could this be what is replacing Adventure Mountain?

I honestly think that the rumors are pointing true, atm. But Dollywood has no real connections to the enthusiasts, even their fansites are small.

With few fansites to actually cover them (like what BGWFans does for BGW), their information really only comes around as the park updates or as locals feel fit. So I can imagine their next coaster being incredible, but having little coverage to update enthusiasts on it as it's built.
RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

So some sort of construction is happening at Dollywood, but there is no sites covering it. Anyone been recently and know what is going on there?
RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

I went there during Spring walls all around the Wilderness Pass area (near the Wild Eagle wing coaster) surrounding the ropes course area, plus lots of construction vehicles and some torn-up, soon-to-be developed land. To be honest, since so much of the ropes course had been dismantled, I though that's what they were building! :p

More importantly, though, there were teaser signs posted all across the stretch of walkways boarded up by construction walls, and I know for a fact that there was a little banner in the northeastern-most corner of the park (where the ropes course was). Just to throw that out there, but that's all I know :cool:...
RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

So by now they could be putting in footers for all we know. Apparently Dollywood does have a fansite that's been around since Wild Eagle was setting up to open. They haven't said anything since that happened so I doubt they'll be helpful...
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RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

I'm currently on vacation in Kentucky, missing out on the Illuminights antics, so I decided to take a visit to Dollywood on July 2. The site is still pretty much what Joe described from what I could tell. I doubt footers are going in because the wooden structures from the rope climbing are still up. Here's what I could see:



  • overview_ground.jpeg
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RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to know, photos and all!


It would appear that they have not really done much to the site yet. Eager with anticipation.
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RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

Shane said:
Eager with anticipation.

Same here. If all goes according to plan, I should be back around the same time next year. Any speculations as to what the emphasis on "BLAST!" might be a reference to?
RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

Natoma said:
Any speculations as to what the emphasis on "BLAST!" might be a reference to?

Powder Keg's "Blast" is its launch. Launching, Inverting RMC woodie!?
RE: The Next Coaster (RMC?)

At first I was a little confused on how the ride system worked, but after watched the video a couple times, I've vaguely figured out the blocking system. It's actually not as complicated as I thought it was, but the train leaving the station forwards and entering it backwards threw me off a little bit.

There might be a little bit more of a delay since the train will have to wait for the track section to pop back into place and get secured, but that shouldn't take more than 15 seconds. And that also can't happen until the train clears the highest hill.

Anyways, it's a fabulous looking ride and i'm very excited. Wild Eagle was impressive last year. I will have to plan a trip to the park soon.
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Looks like the world's longest, most poorly named kiddie coaster IMO. But, I'd still ride it, and it has some neat layout stuff happening.
Overall, I like it I suppose. It seems like it spends a ton of time fairly high off the ground though- not sure how I feel about that- it looks a little odd.

Official Fact Sheet
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Dollywood contacted American Pickers for a few items for Firechasers theming. The episode aired last night. Very neat to see how they obtained a few of these items... watching the episode right now.

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