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Finally got to ride this in the current floor less form, and could someone explain where all the roughness is on this ride, because I wouldn’t even have guessed this is a rough ride from my experience on it. It’s not buttery smooth but it’s certainly no rougher than most any other B&M of decent age and I found it no different than a ride such as Jokers Jinx.
I never would call this ride rough at all.... it's buttery smooth. The problem is it's abrupt transitions with the hard OTSR especially entering the corkscrew where it slams your head into the restraint.
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This coaster slams my head repeatedly like no other. But some people seem to have less head banging. I have no answers for why this is the case. I've ridden on multiple occasions and I've ridden all but the front row and it was terrible every single time. I will ride it no more. lol.
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