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Sep 23, 2009
Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (June 16, 2009) – Busch Gardens is throwing a party and everyone is invited. Taking its inspiration from Carnival celebrations held the world over, Busch Gardens presents Festivale Italiano!. Set to the pulsating rhythm of a Venetian street festival, this colorful, fast paced extravaganza begins with impromptu performances held throughout the Italy section of the park. It culminates in a high-energy street parade that sweeps through the winding pathways of the park’s San Marco village three times daily. This guest-engaging spectacular leads to the Italy pavilion where the energy spills off its redesigned stage and into the audience for a finale that will amaze guests and leave them wanting more.

“Festivale Italiano! represents a departure from our regular productions. It was designed from the start with guest interaction in mind,” said Scott Gasparich, vice president of entertainment for Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. “The infectious energy that comes from this street-style performance is sure to create lasting memories for the young and the young at heart.”

Festivale Italiano! debuted June 13 and runs through Aug. 16 with three shows daily, except Mondays, starting in Busch Gardens’ San Marco village. The family-friendly show replaces Viva Italia and the Starlight Orchestra with an all-new production featuring 36 singers, dancers, musicians and performers, including an “art attack” painter, a ping-pong ball juggler and a “magical” face changer that must be seen to believe.

Anyone know anything else? Did it run for just 2009 or did it continue through 2010?
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RE: Festivale Italiano! (2009)

My recollection is that this show ran for two years. It was a great concept except that it was ridiculously short. I remember that just when it was getting going, it started to wrap up with the finale, Time To Say Goodbye. It was only about 10 minutes long, and for that reason only, it was a huge disappointment to me as a replacement for the former Italian shows that usually ran for 25-30 minutes. I believe it used performers from other shows in the park rather than having its own dedicated cast, so it felt like a way to keep the stage from being empty while not actually producing a separate show there. That same year they had some instrumentalists and vocalists (again, probably from other shows in the park) perform short sets on that stage between the showtimes for Festivale Italiano, so there were actually a few very short shows instead of one or two major productions as in the many years prior to 2009.

Remember, that stage used to host a fully staged Italian show and the magnificent Starlight Orchestra, each performing for 25-30 minutes most days of the week during the summer. Those were great days for entertainment at BG. What we have now with Mix It Up is better than 2009, but it's a far cry from what we had in the many years prior to Festivale Italiano.
We actually got to be the guest people on stage on the first day. It was very fun.
I actually have the display sign for this. The one that has the showtimes on it. I have it hanging in our house and use it for parties. I hand write with chalk on the board : On the spot that says "Showtimes"... I place the time of the party and a little message.

Nerd that I am.

I love Mix It Up because I play the drums and this show is all about rhythm. If I close my eyes, I can pretty much play the whole show by heart on the drums.
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Here is another video of this show. The male of the couple dancing the solos is Moses doing his signature "popping" moves. He was the Egyptian vampire in the original MS:R and one of it's choreographers. Talented and VERY nice fellow but, no, too pop "uhn tiss uhn tiss" music and modern dancing for my taste in this show. Sorry, I couldn't get the embed to work.

Festivale Italiano 2010
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