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Feb 9, 2013
As already confirmed by multiple permits filed by the park, The Festhaus Restrooms are getting completely renovated over this off-season. Here's an overview of the basic Master-Permit filed by the park:


Um, the only other bathrooms with AB logos on the faucets are in San Marco. And as far as I know, everything is getting renovated in the Festhaus restrooms, so yes the AB faucets will most likely be gone and replaced. You all may start yelling at the park now for getting rid of everything so near and dear to your memories.
jonfin826 said:
God how will we ever get by without the faucets of our choice? Canceling my pass.

Did I do it right, guys?

You have to burn your pass and spread the ashes on the Rhine. If you have the plastic pass you have to melt it down, craft an likeness of Carl from the molten plastic, then hack that into little bit, THEN throw that into the Rhine.

Oh and don't forget to send the "park" a rage quit letter that they will be sure to get, read, and heed.

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Sesame has AB logos on their faucets. However those were the last bathrooms constructed under AB and after they were built the park started renovations bathrooms.
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Well, good think the bathrooms are gonna look nice, since whats gonna be behind the front doors of the Festhaus will be sh!t,,,

That was a joke. o.o
Would anybody happen to know if Spain Commercial was also in charge of last year's New France Restrooms? I hope they are, because it would certainly be dissapointing if they let go of the company who did those restrooms. But even if this isn't the company that was in charge of the New France restrooms, they still show a lot of potential.
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